Saturday, February 07, 2009

Breakfast Of Champions

I went out for my morning walk before breakfast today and I hadn't wandered too far before I came upon a couple of guys and a woman shucking their morning haul of oysters. Now you know these have to be fresh.

From The Sea To You

Well, how could I resist. At 80 pesos a dozen it was a deal as well. At today's exchange rate that was $5.63 or under fifty cents each. And these are good sized oysters, too.

Such A Deal

They were delicioso, sweet and succulent with a bit of the sea-saltiness to them. They give you a couple of limes and some hotsauce and more salt, if you wanted it. Me, just a spritz of the lime and a dollop of the hotsauce and down the hatch they go.

Perfectly Fresh And A View Of The Bay

Of course when I told the Mysterious Chinese Woman about my breakfast her first comment was "Aren't you afraid of getting heppatitus, or something?" I have eaten everything from food from street vendors in Vietnam to mystery meat in the marketplace of Spain and never had a problem so I wasn't too worried. On the other hand, The Mysterious Chinese Woman boils the water in New York City.

Plus, I stopped by Sweeny's afterwards for a beer and a shot of tequila, just to be on the safe side. Man, I love that morning happy hour they have.

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Katie said...

loving your pictures and stories!