Tuesday, November 09, 2010

All Is Revealed

For those of you who may have been scratching your heads over the questions in my last post regarding the Green Bay Packers, here are the answers.

The Green Bay Packers were formed by two gentlemen who worked for the Indian Packing Company, a company that produced canned meat.  Hence the name Packers.  But, as you can see, they could have been the Green Bay Indians.

One of the two founders of the team was Earl L. "Curly" Lambeau.  And that, of course is the connection to the Three Stooges (and also why the Packers play at Lambeau field).

Curly Lambeau

The Other Curly

The Indian Packing Company was bought out by the Acme Packing Company and, as I am sure you know, Acme was where Wile E. Coyote bought all of the devices he used to try to capture or kill Road Runner.

Oh, and for a short while the Green Bay Packers actually were the Acme Packers.

Kudos to Jim, my brother-in-law, who was the first to email me the answers.

Jim, Not Curly

Monday, November 08, 2010

Da'Boars - The Finale

My friend, Rico, sent me an email and reminded me that the bartender's name is Shelly and her husband's name is Jeff.  I updated the blog where I said I had forgotten her name.

An aside before getting back to Da'Boars.  I just got back from visiting a friend of mine who has a weekend getaway in Pennsylvania.  Bob and his wife Loretta are old tailgating friends of mine and we still get together on Sundays to watch the Jets.  Wouldn't you know, with minutes to play and the Jets trailing by 3 the channel we are watching cuts away from to show that Eagles game.  And because he has DirectTV we can't get it on any other station.  We had to call my buddy Bernie, who was in New York watching the game, to get a play-by-play update as the Jets pulled one out of their butt.

Okay, Back To Da Boars

Now I may not be the biggest fan of Miller Lite, but that is just because, in general, I am not a fan of light beers.  But I sure wouldn't mind having this vehicle for tailgating.

The Ultimate Tailgate Van

And Here Is Mr. Miller Himself

Okay, that wasn't really Mr. Miller, but he was the one driving the van.

Da'Boars has a couple of volleyball courts out back, but they weren't getting too much use on this rather chilly and somewhat damp day.

A Bit Forlorn

But hearty Minnesotans aren't put off by a little bad weather so there were still outdoor activities.  And of course nothing says outdoor fun more than drinking yourself silly, spinning around with your forehead on a baseball bat and then trying to kick a football.  And my friend Sandy gave it the old college try.

Forehead On Bat

Spin Around

Well, She Tried To Kick The Ball

To be fair to Sandy, almost everyone who tried this had about the same result.

Getting Ready For Their Turn

My friend Rico and his friends wisely chose to just be observers.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Oh yes, the Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders.  I hope this picture doesn't get censored.  I managed to get a peak into their dressing room before they put on their outfits.

Hey, A Little Privacy, Please

And Here They Are, In All Their Glory

I wonder if they knew the origin of the Packers name?  And, a bit of trivia, the Green Bay Packers is the oldest team name still in use in the NFL.  Oh, they could have been the Green Bay Indians.  For extra credit, let me know why.  And for double extra credit, what is the very tenuous connection to the Three Stooges? Or to The Road Runner cartoons, for that matter (a different connection).

I will reveal all tomorrow.