Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Heeere's Johnny

I popped into Canto del Mar the other morning to see if my friend Johnny was still there. He was there alright, shucking oysters to sell on the beach, his day job. I asked him if he was still singing and he said he would be singing that night at 5:00 P.M. so I said we would be sure to show up.

Canto de Mar

It is easy to miss this place. Just a little white building with a narrow walkway leading back to the tables.

A Hidden Paradise

It is right next to the much larger Burro Bar so if you are coming from the south it is right before and if you are coming from the north it is right after. If you are walking along the beach it is much easier to spot.

We got a whole group together for the fun.

The Women Folk

The Hombres

Of course Johnny came over and gave all the girls a hug.

Johnny With Kathy And Marcie

Being as how it was just the day after The Mysterious Chinese Woman's birthday she got a special song and a special hug.

It Is Good To Be Special

We sat around listening to Johhny sing and slurping down our frozen margritas until sunset.

Another Beautiful Puerto Vallarta Sunset

The frozen margaritas really helped with the blistering heat of the salsa dip for the chips. The waiter just laughed at us when we commented about how hot the salsa was and proceded to load up a chip and eat it just to show us it wasn't that bad. Well, maybe not to him, but believe me, this was much hotter than your average salsa.

Afterwards everyone wandered off and I decided to stop into El Dorado for an early nightcap at the barren bar.

Bar Man And The Barren Bar

It really is a nice bar and Hector and Mariana were still singing Amy Winehouse tunes so I was happy.

Hector And Mariana

I am not sure how late I stayed, but by the time I toddled home I was ready for bed. It probably didn't help that I had started out the day with a pre-noon happy hour at Sweeny's. But more on that later.

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