Monday, February 02, 2009

Beachside Breakfast

Everyone has their favorite little deli or diner in New York. The place where they stop in for breakfast every morning on their way to work. Me, I am retired so I eat at home. Here in Puerto Vallarta, though, I have my favorite beach side breakfast place just a short stroll down the beach from where I stay.


Nothing fancy about this place, but decent food at more than decent prices. I had their special, eggs scrambled with chorizo, refried beans, and a tortilla folded over melted cheese and a basket of toast for 50 pesos, or a bit under four dollars. I forgot to check to see if the coffee was included. The coffee was very good too. Coffee in Puerto Vallarta has really improved over the years. I didn't take pictures of the food, or many pictures at all. Too early in the morning to be thinking clearly. I will be back here again, many times in fact, so will try to do a better job next time.

Just A Funky Kind Of Place

The service here is very friendly, although typically slow. I have to get out of my New York rush, rush, rush frame of mind. That usually only takes a few days or a few tequilas, whichever comes first. Just have to remember I really don't have anyplace to go and I am sitting in a lovely beach side restaurant.

Oh, and if you would like, you can have your breakfast right on the beach. The Mysterious Chinese Woman isn't really a sun person and preferred the cooler inside area.

Breakfast On The Beach

Langostino's is open all day and is a nice place for dinner as well. Low-key and inexpensive with decent, if not overly fancy, food. Some nights they also have live music. I highly recommend this place and am always happy to see it is still around. One is always concerned that someone will decide to turn this into another La Palapa or Daiquiri Dick's. Not that there is anything wrong with those places, not at all. In fact will probably visit them both. I usually do. But I like to have alternatives. I think this place might be too small to ever be big.

After breakfast we walked down the malecon and we spotted a new statue.

Hmm, Now What Does This Represent?

It is a male washing clothes on a rock. I know this because there is a bar of soap. Otherwise he could be making dough or something. He is unusually dressed and has a long ponytail. I said it must be a tribute to early Chinese settlers who opened laundries n Puerto Vallarta. The Mysterious Chinese Woman vehemently disagreed. If anyone has more information about this statue I certainly would appreciate hearing from you.

As we approached the old Light House we noticed a huge deconstruction/construction project that was taking up about half a block.

Soon To Be Something

As is typical, we played the "What used to be there?" game. Of course neither of us could remember. I will have to do further research on this.

We then headed back to Rizo's, the old supermarket. We took the route past the flea market so I could take the swinging bridges over the river.

The Traditional First Crossing

I spent about half an hour in the supermarket and was getting ready to leave when the Mysterious Chinese Woman said she was just getting started. We bumped into a couple of friends from where we stay so I suggested she share a cab with them to take here groceries back and ran off. Needless to say I got a severe scolding when she finally returned.

I made it up to her, though, by taking her to a lovely birthday dinner at La Lorraine and will post about that next. I took pictures of the food.