Saturday, March 10, 2012

Zapata's Women

As some of you who follow my blog for educational purposes may already know, Zapata was quite the ladies man and also had a contingent of female freedom fighters who were known as Las Adelitas.

Saturday Night At Closing Time

You may also know that there is a restaurant here in Puerto Vallarta by the same name, one that I have visited before.

Las Adelita's

It is one of my friends Tom and Balla's favorites and is a bit off the beaten path. Several of us decided to hook up with Tom and Bella at their house and then go to Las Adelita's for dinner.

To get to Tom and Bella's we decided to take a bus. Bill thought we should take a cab but he was overruled by his wife Marcie.

Waiting For The Bus

Boarding The Bus

I know, not the most exciting pictures, but they are a plot device. See, we were supposed to take the bus to Walmart and then when it hooked up towards Pitilla, a former little town and now more of a suburb, we would get off after a couple of stops and meet Tom in front of his compound or housing complex. Well, little did we realize, there are now two Walmarts and we took the wrong bus.

After traveling for longer than we should have on a totally different route than normal we realized we had made a mistake and so had to get off the bus and take a couple of taxis. Naturally this lead to a bit of good-natured bantering between Bill and Marcie, but by the time we got to Tom and Bella's most of the swelling had subsided and the discoloration was barely discernable.

Before heading out to the restaurant we had a few cocktails and chatted a bit and enjoyed a most excellent quacamole dip made by Bella. Usually I find it to be too bland, but not when she makes it.

Bella And Michelle

Michelle is Iquana Pete's wife but you haven't seen a picture of him yet. Well, actually, he is the guy about to get on the bus right behind Bill. He got his name, or at least the Iquana part, due to an unfortunate incident that involved sitting underneath an iquana. I shall say no more, but I think you can get the picture.

Iquana Pete And Tom

They were actually enjoying themselves more than it appears, or at least I hope so. Iquana Pete's shirt looks kind of like it did after the incident that gave him his name.

Bill And Marcie

The Mysterious Chinese Woman was flitting around somewhere but apparently didn't land long enough for me to get a picture.

After hanging out for a bit we piled into a cab and Tom's car and headed to the restaurant where we had a mighty fine meal.

Checking Out Our Options

I really like their ribs and of course I am a sucker for skirt steak so I ordered the combo platter. Las Adelita's is also known for their lamb stew so seveal people, including the Mysterious Chinese Woman got that. A couple of chicken and rib platters hit the table as well along with a huge deep-fried onion loaf.

Digging Into The Onion Loaf

Michelle And Her Ribs

I think the Mysterious Chinese Woman was trying to stick her beer up her nose, for some reason.

Harder, Push Harder

Marcie was trying to make up with Bill by offering him her drink while Bella studiously avoided getting involved by feigning an unusual interest in the menu.

Nothing Happening Here, Just Move Along

The Mysterious Chinese Woman seemed a bit wary of her stew, but said it was very good indeed.

Suspicious Minds

My rib and skirt steak combo was very good and there was more than enough so I am looking forward to a mighty fine snack later on this morning.

A Meal And A Half

And Bill and Marcie patched up their differences and shared what I believe was a rib and chicken platter.

Marriage Is All About Sharing

This is just a cute picture so I am throwing in for that reason alone.

Marcie And Bella

Everyone enjoyed themselves imensely and Bill was once again overruled when we all decided to take a bus back home instead of hailing a couple of cabs. Luckily we got the right bus this time and after the usual exciting ride (bus rides are always exciting unless they veer towards the terrifying) we arrived within a short walk of where we all, except for Tom and Bella, stay.

My friends Rico and Sandy arrive today so I am going to make a batch of frozen margaritas to greet them. Tomorrow evening we are having a little pool party and I will be making deviled eggs. I, or rather the Mysterious Chinese Woman, bought the eggs a week ago and I have been dutifully rotating them to try to get the yolks centered. I will be sure to let you know how they turn out.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Tearing Up Puerto Vallarta

Okay, this first picture has nothing to do with tearing up Puerto Vallarta. The first picture is for my friend Rico, who will be arriving here tomorrow. He has been worried that he won't be able to be properly entertained now that Junior's has closed down. I wanted to assure him that there were still reputable places, or at least places, where he can find what he wants.

Mi Fantasia

There is a big convention of travel agents and their ilk coming to Puerto Vallarta at the end of March. This is the first time that the convention will be held here so the city is doing everything possible to put on its best face - widening sidewalks, burying utility lines, and who knows what else. Oh yeah, putting in those wiggly designs in the sidewalks.

Of course in doing so they are totally disrupting this year's tourist season. The streets are full of dust, you can't eat at, or even get to, many of the outdoor restaurants. Friends and I had to leave a bar the other day because the sound of the jackhammers on the street below was just unbearable. Everyone from the tourists to the merchants are complaining. The convention starts March 24th so maybe they will be finished with all of this work a few days before I leave. They just have a bit over two weeks to do it, though.

No further comment is necessary, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. And keep in mind, this is just a fraction of what is going on.

I am sure that next year the city will be beautiful. Unless they plan on putting everything back the way it was once the convention is over.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Coco's Kitchen and Kim Kuzma

A bunch of us went to Coco's Kitchen for dinner last night. My friends Paul and Sharon had been to see a Kim Kuzma show at The Palm and really liked one of the backup singers. He was going to be singing at Coco's Kitchen and so we went.

The Whole Crew

To my right are Bill and Marcie and Allison and Steve are next to them with Paul and Sharon next to The Mysterious Chinese Woman.

We had a great time and the food was excellent. Both the Mysterious Chinese Woman and I had the seared tuna. Salisbury steak was the specialty of the night and several people had that and were happy with their choice. To me salisbury steak is something that you found in TV dinners back in the old days. Or on the school lunch menu as a second choice. Bill, who usually eats nothing but hamburgers and M&Ms (he brings down about 40 pounds of them, M&Ms, not hamburgers) surprised me by ordering the fish fillet. He really surprised me when he said he liked it.

I always tease Bill about his choice of drinks. Usually colorful and preferably with an umbrella. I guess his ordering a Cosmopolitan was a step up, for him.

Bill And His Cosmo, Me And My Margarita

You can tell we were all having a good time because I did my famous Buffalo Bill imitation.

I Look Just Like Him, Don't I?

We got a special treat later in the evening because Kim herself dropped by and did a few songs. Our table seemed to be the only one with people who knew who Laura Branigan was so when she sang Gloria we got to chime in with the refrain. Afterwards she came over to our table and chatted with us for awhile. We have all seen her perform in various venues before so that was kind of fun. In fact one St. Patrick's day a few years back Marcie (Bill's wife) gave her a shamrock tattoo.

Posing For Pictures

I still have more pictures to post and I will try to get to them in the not too distant future. With all the sun, sand, and tequila it is hard to get really motivated, though. Now where is my lime and jigger of salt.

Speaking of rum, not that we were, they have Appleton rum down here for under $12 for 900 millileters. That is a really good price, and Appleton rum is one of my favorites.