Saturday, July 21, 2012

Up North To Alaska

I figured I better post about the rest of the boat trips before I head off to Alaska for a combination land/rail/boat tour. Depending upon time and internet connections I will certainly post about it.

Our next trip was just a ten minute hop from my neighborhood over to Governor's Island. I will be going there on September 1st for Pig Island, a beer and barbecue fest. This time we just went over for the heck of it. Hey, the ferry is free.

The Free Ferry

All Aboard

It was way too hot to do much walking around so we headed to an air-conditioned Graphic Arts exhibition. I like that stuff, bright colors and flashing lights, some film clips, lot's of neat stuff.

I thought this picture of Africa was interesting. It really is interesting how most people totally underestimate the size. I have asked many people how big they think Africa is and the most common answer is "About the same size as the United States.

Not Quite

Part of the display had to do with magazine layouts and covers and book covers. This guy is one of my favorite authors but I haven't read either of these books. Usually I read his articles in the papers or magazines. I will have to try to get around to them.

Chuck Klosterman

Just a couple of more pictures of stuff that I thought was interesting.

Maybe Or Maybe Not Interesting Stuff

We decided to stop at the Taxi Beach Bar or something like that for a beer before heading home and getting out of the heat.

The Taxi Beach Bar

And What A Lovely View

It always amuses me when I see the tour buses in my neighborhood. It wasn't that many years ago that tourists would never think of coming to Brooklyn, and certainly not whole bus loads of them. For some reason they remind me of the people who go on camera safaris in Africa, observing the wild life and natives from a safe perch.

Don't Shoot

Until next time, which might be in a few days and will be from somewhere in Alaska.