Saturday, April 03, 2010

Beer Party Update

In keeping with the values of the Beer Party - Our motto is What, we have values - and in the interest of stirring up controversy, I pose this question:

Do you think Republicans are happy or unhappy that the Dow Jones Industrial Average has surged almost 40% since Obama took office?

That;s right folks, the Dow was at 7,949 the day Obama took office on January 20th, 2009 and hit 10,927 last Friday.

Of course I am not going to be so cynical as to believe that any Republicans are actually happy that the unemployment rate has gone from about 7.6% to 9.7% during that same time.

Okay, enough pseudo-politics, tomorrow I will write about my personal attempt to keep the economy rolling by drinking the most expensive beer that I have ever bought.

Friday, April 02, 2010

A Heads Up

If you are lucky enough to live in Bar Man's neighborhood, one in which you can walk to a French bistro, Bar Tabac, so authentic you would swear you are in Paris or to a Spanish tapas bar, La Mancha, that makes you feel like you are in Madrid,  then listen  up.

The Gate, where I hit bar number 500 way back in 2005, is having a cask festival April 9th. 10th, and 11th.  I will certainly try to be there for at least one of those days.

The Brazen Head, that I used to be able to see from my window before they built the Brooklyn Law School dormitory, is having their cask festival April 30th, May 1st, and 2nd.

And d.b.a. Brooklyn, not really in my neighborhood but just a short subway or bus ride away in Williamsburg, is having their cask festival May 7th, 8th, and 9th.

If you are cask ale fan (they even have some lagers now) these are kind of must-attend events.

The Brazen Head is also having a clam and oyster shuck on Saturday, April 10th from 5:00 P.M. to 10 P.M.  These are always great fun with plenty of fairly inexpensive clams and oysters.  I highly recommend that you get there early.  And The Brazen Head usually has two cask conditioned hand pulls available along with 15 micro-brews on tap.

After eight weeks of mostly Corona and Pacifico with an occasional Modelo, Bar Man is ready for a bit of a change of pace.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Last Meal

Not a whole lot to post that I haven't posted already. Just a very few pictures. I guess we were all too caught up in the moment of our last night in Puerto Vallarta and reminiscing about the good times we had to think about taking many pictures.

The Final Four

Some of the gang had left earlier in the week and a lot were either busily packing or eating up whatever was left in their refrigerators

I already said how good the food was here, but I did manage to get a picture of one of our appetizers.

The Fried Calamari

And I mentioned how I got a flaming drink for my dessert.

Careful, Careful

Ah, The Perfect End To A Perfect Meal

Again, my hats off to Daiquiri Dick's. A lot of times you will get a free dinner-for-two but it comes with all kinds of caveats such as "drinks not included" or "for entree only," but not here. Everything was on the house from pre-dinner drinks to dessert and flaming coffee. I even mentioned that they were willing to add on desserts for Bill and Marcie. In short, Daiquiri Dick's could not have been more generous.

And the food was fantastic as well.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Daiquiri Dick's Mix Off News

In today's edition of the Banderas News there was an article about Daiquiri Dick's Mix Off as well as a few pictures.

You can check it out here:

I think I looked kind of dapper shaking my stuff.

Back Home And Boca

I am back home in Brooklyn and it is chilly, overcast, and drizzly. Kind of like when I first got to Puerto Vallarta, only about twenty-five degrees colder. Surprisingly, it is quieter here. You can't believe how loud the booming of the surf can be. And our place in Puerto Vallarta is on a street with a lot of traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian.

There is also construction going on someplace nearby so there were trucks going up and down the street all day. Plus, although it is supposed to be a two-way street with no parking, the no parking regulations are never enforced so only one way traffic is possible. However the one way is both ways. There is an endless dance of cars and trucks backing up and maneuvering around each other. Surprisingly little horn-blowing, I must admit. I guess this dance is part of the culture here.

Kind of funny to be saying that in some ways it is more peaceful and quiet here in Brooklyn than it was in Puerto Vallarta. But, and please don't misunderstand me, in some ways only.

After our morning and early-afternoon in El Tuito the gang caught the bus back down to Boca de Tomatlan, the little village at the mouth of the Tomatlan river. As I have said many times before, this is one of my favorite little day trips when I visit Puerto Vallarta. If you catch the city bus directly here and don't take the El Tuito bus it costs less than a dollar each way. And it is an exciting ride of about half an hour. More exciting and less time if you holler "mas rapido" or "andale, andale" at the bus driver.

Once you get off the bus you have a fairly long walk down to the town. The road is cut into the side of the mountain and the town is at the mouth of the river.

Heading On Down

But when you can get fresh fish like this, who cares about the walk. Besides, it is the walk back up that is the killer.

We Took The Big One, Of Course

The don't even start the coals until you order your fish so there is always a bit of a wait. But hey, you don't come here for service that is "mas rapido." You come here for a leisurely afternoon. And if it takes awhile for the food to arrive, the buckets of beers and little treats that go with them show up plenty quick.

Marge And Jim Enjoying A Brewski

We got pretty good service because one of the waiters seemed to be a bit smitten with Valerie.

There Eyes Met Across The, Well, Sunlit Beach

This Waiter Didn't Wait

Okay, now don't get all excited. It was all in good fun and no unwanted advances were made. The staff here is most accomodating and willing to pose for the camera. (Valerie made me say that).

And then the fish arrived, and what a fish it was.

Done To Perfection, As Always

The Mysterious Chinese Woman immediately fell into a swoon.

At Least She Didn't Poof

And Then We All Fell Into Eating

Another delicious feast. We had, of course, the snapper, grilled and with their fantastic barbecue sauce, and then the restaurant's specialty, Mummy Shrimp and also their delicious coconut shrimp. Now I don't usually like coconut shrimp because in the United States most restaurants use that shredded coconut that comes in bags. Yuck, dry and stringy. But in Mexico they use something else altogether. The shreds are thicker, not nearly as dry, and quite tasty.

After our meal was over the waiters once again tempted us with their racilla. And who could refuse such generous hospitality?

Not Me And Marcie

Nor The Mysterious Chinese Woman

Carol Was Game

As Was Her Husband, Jim

Jim, The Other Jim, Of Course

And Valerie, Too

Bill, of course, said it tasted like gasoline and, worse yet, wasn't pink and didn't come with an unbrella. I can still here Bill as if he were sitting next to me: "How can you drink that stuff?"

At Least He Tasted It

I Think Jim's Wife, Marge, Just Sniffed

We had yet another great time at Boca and I am already looking forward to going back again next year. May this restaurant never change.

After we paid our bill and started to head up toward the bus a couple of the waiters came out and flagged me down to give me a tee-shirt.

How Nice Of Them

Just My Size

I gathered that this was to say thank-you for showing up at their restaurant three times during my stay and bringing a fair-sized crew with me each time. Either that or we grossly over-tipped.

After we got back a few of us stopped by my place for a few more hits of racilla out of the bottle that I bought the last time I was at Boca.

Never Say Die

And, you will be happy to know, Valerie made it back too.

With Her Honor Uncompromised

If you ever get to Puerto Vallarta, be sure to visit Boca de Tomatlan and stop at the restaurant with the yellow tablecloths.

And Yellow Tee-Shirts Too

Well, that is pretty much the end of our trip. I have a few shots from our last meal at Daiquiri Dick's to post and I will do that tomorrow.

As a vaguely related (last meal, Last Supper) aside, I just read that over the years the size of the plates and the amount of food depicted in paintings of the Last Supper have increased dramatically. I guess super-sizing affects everything.