Saturday, November 08, 2008

Restaurant Reviews On Yelp

I have decided to branch out a bit and write some restaurant reviews on Yelp. It is kind of a distillation of what I post here, but more oriented towards reviewing a restaurant rather then just posting about a specific visit. I just put up my first review this morning. Not too surprisingly it was a review of Waterfront Ale House.

If you are interested in checking them out you can go to:

Let me know what you think.

By the way, my saying for the day:

Rehab is for quitters

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Road Trip

Well, it isn't that we traveled all that far, but we did take a little road trip on a brilliantly sunny fall day. We went all the way to Floyd's, a place that I last visited for Nickle Dickle day back in 2005.


We started the day out there because we could combine our morning eye-opener with breakfast. And I mean really combine them.

Breakfast In A Bloody Mary

They serve these with a little beer on the side and it is a great way to start the day.

Sandy, Rico, and Bar Man At Breakfast

We finished up at Floyd's with just enough time to make it to Rico's American Legion Club for a fun filled afternoon of bingo.

Not Quite Seminole Bingo

I was feeling really optimistic about cleaning up at bingo because I got my first drink for free. If the last number of you American Legion membership matched the one they had posted you were a winner.

Sipping My Spoils

You can see that we were well spread out so we had plenty of room for our bingo cards.

Ready To Play

I haven't played bingo in a long time and the game has changed a bit. I remember when you used to get sturdy cardboard cards that you kept throughout the night and used dry corn kernels to mark your numbers. Now they pass out separate cards for each game and they are on paper. You use inkers to mark your number. Most people just use a single marker for each game so they were a bit amused when I marked my cards in multiple colors.

Although none of us won a damn thing, Sandy sure looked like she did.

Bingo, Not

Well, it was disappointing that nobody won anything, but we decided to try our luck elsewhere. Another American Legion Club was having their afternoon meat raffle.

The Fun Never Ends

Meat raffles are very popular in the Midwest and the women who run them become minor celebrities. Well, winters are long and cold in these parts.

Trying Our Luck

The concept is pretty simple, the meat raffle woman goes around and sells number which you draw out of a box. Then a wheel is spun and the person who holds the number that comes up wins... MEAT. Why this is so popular is anyone's guess but people who win actually run around holding their packages of pork chops.

Our luck was no better here though and, again, we left empty handed. At least Rico managed to get his hands on the meat raffle lady.

Rico Won The Booby Prize

It was another fun filled day, even though nobody won a thing. Worn out by the excitement we headed back to Rico and Sandy's where we had smoked brisket sandwiches for supper and a relatively early night.