Sunday, January 29, 2012

Be Still My Beating Heart

Yes, it is me again. No follow-up to Russia, yet, but it will arrive, one day. Heading to Mexico tomorrow and didn't want you all to think I was never going to post again. I may even post from Mexico.

Just a quick post about part of my recent trip to Costa Rica with a couple of friends of mine, Jon and Ruthie.

We ended up our trip in the great little seaside town of Tamarindo. Kind of a laid-back 1970's California town.

We flew in from who knows where after checking into the state of the art airport.

Checking In

Hey, any airport with a bar is fine with me, and this one had a decent enough one.

Drinks At The Airport Bar

Just time for a quick beer to steady our nerves before boarding our luxary full-service with meals flight.

Well, The Plane Did Fly

And, just to give you a flavor of Tamarindo, this was a typical little bar with $2 beers, all day long. Now how can you beat that?

Who Needs Anything More

Jon, Ruthie, And The Mysterious Chinese Woman

You Know Who By Now

Those of you who are long-time followers of my blog will remember that I have visited Costa Rica before and that this is also my second visit to Tamarindo. A great little town. Kind of reminds me of what Puerto Vallarta was like many years ago.

Well, that is it for now. Got a 4:00 AM pickup for the flight to Puerto Vallarta, and I haven't packed yet. Going to go with just carry-on luggage this time around.

Stay tuned, I really will try to post from Mexico.