Friday, October 12, 2007

What A Guy!!!

Sheesh, the other day I stopped into Pete's Waterfront Ale House and Guy was bartending. As usual we got to talking, I took pictures, he signed the necessary waivers and releases required for them to be posted (maybe he is in a witness protection program), and then I got pre-occupied and didn't put a picture up on my website. Boy, did I ever hear about it when I stopped in there today. So Guy, this one is for you. One of my favorite bartenders at my favorite bar..., I give you:


By the way, I took about a dozen pictures and he liked this one the best. You can imagine what the others must have looked like.

Guy told me that Tom Cruise modeled his role as a bartender in Cocktail after him. I can definitely see the similarities.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Birthday Party In Chinatown

Last Saturday we celebrated my Uncle's (kind of) 80th birthday party down in Chinatown. I guess he isn't really my Uncle, he is my Mother-In-Law's brother. But, in true Chinese tradition, if you marry into the family you are family. And who could complain.

It was going to be a somewhat classy affair and my Mother-In-Law said jacket and tie was required. I am not sure if this is what she had in mind, but she seemed happy enough when I showed up. I think I look kind of like Jack Nicholson, only when he was a bit younger and not quite as well-jowled as he is now.

Ready For My Close-Up

My Uncle seemed quite pleased with his party and, in my opinion, looked great for his age. I can only hope that I hold up as well.

Mother-In-Law, Uncle, and Auntie

The Mysterious Chinese Woman was there, of course, and she was looking might spiffy herself.

Spiffy Mysterious Chinese Woman

Of course my brother-in-law Jim was there as well, and you can pretty much tell that he, as usual, is up to no good.

About To Work The Crowd

Well, if you know anything about the Chinese, they love a good party. And a good party means good food. And plenty of it. Needless to say this would be no exception.

The first serving was crispy pork, and you can see that you need to be fast.

Delicious Crispy Pork

This was followed up by shark-fin soup.

The Soup

Of course crispy chicken is a must, and this was served with those puffy rice potato chip things that always show up. Some people seem to like them but I think they would be more suitable for packing material. The chicken was excellent though.

Chicken And Packing Material

Lobster is a requirement for any Chinese birthday. No matter what else you have, you must have lobster.

Red Lobster, But Not At Red Lobster

In true Chinese tradition, all fowl and, of course, the lobster is served with the head. This also is considered good luck and a must do.

Here's Looking At You

Next up was a crispy fish, well presented and most tasty.

Crispy Fish

And, of course, no Chinese feast would be complete without rice. Also, noodles are traditionally served at birthdays because they are long and therefore portend a long life.

Rice And Noodles

Finally, as the feast began to draw to an end we had little cakes and oranges for dessert. The oranges are also traditional and few meals end without them.

Cakes And Oranges

But those weren't Uncle's cakes. He got a special one which he generously shared with one and all.

Uncle's Cake

Everyone had a great time and, I believe, plenty to eat. If they didn't get plenty to eat it was only because they weren't quick enough.