Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brooklyn Barbecue

Got a bit of a hunger for barbecued ribs last Saturday and, to me, that means heading to Waterfront Ale House.

Now These Are Ribs

And if you don't like just the sauce that they use, you can always soup it up with the other condiments they have available.

Pick Your Poison

If you want to clear out your sinuses, I strongly recommend the Strong Irish Mustard.  It reminded me of McSorley's homemade mustard, another sinus clearer.

Good To The Bone

The Mysterious Chinese Woman and I split a single rack and still had plenty to take home for dinner the next day.  And even then there were two ribs left that I ate cold for a snack on Monday.  Now that is value.

My beers for the day were Sam's Serious Maibock, which I recently posted about, and a 21st Amendment Bitter American, a very nice beer with enough flavor to stand up to the ribs.  I have written about this one before as well.  I highly recommend both of these.