Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Brunch At Bellagio

Back to brunches. Absolutely the best deals in Las Vegas are the brunches, and the champagne brunches on the weekend are the way to go. Try to get there early, though, as the lines get long and when the place fills getting to the food isn't as easy. They never let the place get uncomfortably packed, though.

The Line At Bellagio

The quantity, quality, and variety of offerings is truly amazing. You can even eat, or at least start out, healthy.

A Healthy Start

My start wasn't quite as healthy. I love pickled herring, and they had some really good stuff. Lox with capers and a coarse mustard was tasty and I had the blintz and watermelon as a palate cleanser.

The First Course

For the meat eaters amongst you, the choices ranged from sausage and bacon to carving tables with ribs, prime rib, ham, and more.

And if pizza for breakfast is your thing, they can accomodate that as well.

Bring Your Own Warm Beer

Of course no decent buffet would be without shrimp.

A Decent Buffet

One thing that they had here that was a bit different, a sushi station.

This seemed to make the Mysterious Chinese Woman quite happy.

And desert, let's not forget desert.

Well, the Mysterious Chinese Woman certainly didn't forget desert.

How Does She Stay So Slim?

The buffet thing quickly became our routine. Have a coffee when we get up, go for a little walk, hit the buffet, and then you only need a little something for dinner. A fun way to spend a day. We hit the Bellagio again as well as Mandalay Bay, Paris, and Ceaser's Palace. More on those later.

Monday, November 02, 2009

I Have Caved

Okay, when the Mysterious Chinese Woman starts talking about how "cute" Brett Favre is, I know I have lost the battle. And it is hard to root against the Vikings, especially when they play the hated Packers.

Here's To You Brett, I Give

A quick update to my Bogota visit. I found my receipt so I can now report that the sauce on top of the Arepa Chocolo was Hogao Sauce, or it should have been. It didn't look quite right, though, because Hogao Sauce is a tomato and onion sauce. Oh well, it was good whatever it was. And the "Oh, Brett is so cute!" Mysterious Chinese Woman had the Chipotle Salmon. The other empanada that I thought was beef was duck. My dish was called Sobrebarriga, and it was a slow-cooked flank steak. Again, I highly recommend a visit to this little piece of Columbia right here in Brooklyn.

Bogotá Latin Bistro on Urbanspoon