Saturday, December 20, 2008

Robin, The Boy

Awhile back the Mysterious Chinese Woman, me, and a couple of our friends, Frank and Kathy, headed to one of my favorite French bistros for a fun-filled evening and great food.

Robin des Bois aka Sherwood Cafe

I have written about this place before because it really is a great French bistro that is just a short walk from where I live. It really captures the flavor, in all respects, of a bistro you might visit in France.

Mysterious Chinese Woman, Kathy, and Frank

You may remember that they have a lovely outside garden area that is a lot of fun when the weather is nice. The weather wasn't all that nice this evening, though, so we decided to eat inside. Kind of cool in here too with all kinds of interesting stuff on the walls and all over.

A Bit Of A Religious Theme

Not Sure About The Theme

I like old movies and old movie posters so these were kind of fun:

They have a real fireplace in here that makes for a romantic setting in which to share a cocktail or two.

Voted Cutest Couple

I had, as I usually do, the hanger steak and it was, as usual, delicious. I almost ordered the lamb shank but backed out at the last minute. Someone at another table ordered one though and the waiter showed it to me so I could see what I missed. It looked delicious and, I swear, I will get it the next time I eat here.

We met a fun couple while we were here and I promised to send the copies of the pictures that I took. As is getting more and more usual, though, I lost their email address and don't remember their names. If you see this picture and recognize yourself, please get in touch. I really have to start taking notes again because my memory is obviously shot.

A Friendly Couple

As usual, a great time was had by all. If you are ever in the neighborhood I strongly suggest you stop in here for a bite to eat. You won't be disappointed.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tailgate Therapy

Okay, here is a million dollar idea.

The other day, as yet another New York sportswriter began to ease themselves off the Brett Favre bandwagon, Gary Meyer's wrote in the New York Daily News that if Miami beats the Jets in the last game of the year to win the AFC East and knock the Jets out of the playoffs, it would "qualify as the lowest moment in franchise history" and "Jets fans will need years of counseling..."

Years of counseling. Hmm. You have to pay for counseling, don't you? And one of my Mysterious Sister-In-Laws is a therapist of some kind. Not sure what kind though, I never talk to her about her work. I do notice, though, that at family get-togethers she is always giving me funny looks and then scribbling in that little notebook she carries around.

Anyway, I suggested to her that maybe she could drum up business by offering discounts to new clients that show up wearing Jets paraphenalia. You know, tee-shirt, cap, boxer-shorts, whatever. I guess they could just bring them in a brown paper bag if wearing the stuff was too traumatic. I also suggested that maybe she could hire someone to pass out flyers after the final game of the season if the Jets lost.

My Mysterious Sister-In-Law immediately saw the potential in this. She said that there is a courtyard where she has her practice and thought having group therapy sessions in a tailgate-like atmosphere could work. She said the realism of the setting could help people work through their issues. And she said an added bonus would be that she could get free BBQ.

We will be testing the waters on this and looking to franchise the concept in the near future.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jets and Favre Revisited

After watching the Jets almost lose to Buffalo on Sunday, and seeing them win one out of their last three games during which our savior Brett Favre threw for a grand total of one touchdown and four interceptions, I felt compelled to revisit a post I made in August, part of which follows:

August 27, 2008

Okay, don't get me wrong, I will still root for the Jets and wish them well, but the concept of being a fan, while waning for years, is now pretty much gone.

To have stuck with the Jets since they played at Shea Stadium hasn't been easy. But stick I did. I will have to admit though that when they played the Vikings in the play-offs a few years back my loyalties were indeed torn. I am originally from Minnesota and grew up with the Purple People Eaters.

Now this year the Jets have brought in an aging quarterback from the Vikings arch-rivals, the Packers. Whoo Whoo, the New York papers are going crazy. He will be the salvation of the Jets. Hell, he might even get them into the playoffs this year. Ah, so what. Didn't they make the playoffs in 2002 and then blow out Indianapolis in the first round with Chad Pennington. Oh, Chad also led the league in passer rating and completions percentage that year. And then in 2006 Chad got us into the playoffs again. But we sent him to Miami so maybe Favre can lead us to the playoffs this year. Am I missing something here? It wouldn't surprise me if the Dolphins have a better season than the Jets. Okay, so I am a bit bitter.

Well, so far this year the Jets and the Dolphins have the same 9 and 5 record. Big difference is that last year the Dolphins only won one game. Guess Chad has helped them a bit more than Brett has helped the Jets.

Oh, and guess who is having the better year at quarterback this year? According to ESPN's latest ratings, Chad is currently the number four rated quarterback in the NFL with a 95.1 rating. Brett, well he is number 15 with an 86.5 rating. Ah, but Brett can really wing that ball, can't he? Funny then that Chad averages over a yard more per attempt despite having a slightly lower completion percentage. And Chad has thrown 11 fewer interceptions.

Watch it all come down to the final game of the season to determine whether it is the Jets or the Dolphins who make the play-offs. If it ends up being the Dolphins watch everyone who touted getting rid of Pennington and bringing in Favre as the smartest move since the Yankees picked up Babe Ruth scramble for the exits.

I said all along that bringing in Favre had less to do with winning games and getting into the play-offs than in generating some buzz and semi-justifying the huge Personal Seating License fees they are going to be charging. And, of course, all of the brain-dead sportswriters around here bought right into it. I notice, however, they are already starting to jump ship. None more so than Tim Smith of the New York Daily News who today proclaimed:

A lock to run out of miracles and fall short of playoff berth.

Don't get me wrong, I still think the Jets have a decent shot at the play-offs. I just think they would have had as good a shot if they had kept Chad. And a lot better shot if they hadn't handed Chad over to Miami.

I am still a bit bitter.