Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wade's Payoff - And He Wasn't Even Angry

Those of you who have been following my blog may recall how early in my quest, mid-January actually, I ran into the owner of Angry Wade's, Wade Hagenbart, across the street from his place at the Zombie Hut. We got to talking and when he found out what I was up to he said if I actually did manage to visit 1000 bars he would treat me to 100 drinks at his bar. Just what Bar Man needed, a bit more motivation. Well, I did it and Wade showed up at Pioneer and presented me with my prize.

The Prize

Wade Presenting The Prize To Bar Man

Bar Man Savoring His Swag

Turning In My First Token To Sarah

I just want to say Thanks Wade, you were a true sport and you can expect to see quite a bit of me this year. Anyone interested in bumping into me might just be able to find me at Angry Wade's at 222 Smith Street in Brooklyn. Even if I am not there you can enjoy the great bar, nice fireplace, and pool table in the back.

Special Thanks

There were a lot of people who helped me on the way to completing my quest to drink in a Thousand Bars and I would like to thank some of them here.

My brother-in-law Jim who risked his mother's wrath (and his sister's, too) by taking me out to make sure I got off to a good start on New Year's Day. We left to get milk for coffee to go with our after New Years feast and managed to hit three bars before returning home to a house full of glares.

Jim And My Old Friend Ronnie

Good Friends Lou and David who suggested Pioneer after my plans to go to Australia fell through and another David, the owner of Pioneer who graciously hosted this event.


David And Owner David

Dakota Smith, who wrote the first article about me for the New York Post way back in February when I was just starting out. And Tracy, the Owner of Siberia and Belvue, who let me be a guest bartender at Belvue and even said I might be able to do it again. Most generous of him considering how inept I was the first time.

Dakota Smith And Tracy

Larry, the writer for the Associated Press who did the fantastic story about bar number 500 at The Gate. That story came out on Memorial Day and was published in papers across the world and really got people interested in what I was doing. And of course, Tina, who had the unenviable task of having to follow me around taking pictures.

Larry And Tina

For those of you who saw me on the two segments of Countdown With Keith Olbermann, it was Virginia the show writer who first came up with the idea of doing the segments and Judy, the producer, who sat and held everyone's hand when they were being shot.

Virginia, Judy, And Bar Man

Of course there also was Peter from Miami who sent the Mysterious Chinese Woman flowers. That helped more than you can ever imagine. He also brought me a couple of mighty fine cigars to celebrate the completion of my journey.

Peter, Mysterious Chinese Woman, Peter's Wife Anna

And let us not forget the most important person of all, a true representative of all who have made this website viewable, a good-looking bartender.

Michelle, The Good Looking Bartender

Well, I am sure there were many more that I forgot several or they weren't able to show up for the grand finale. If I missed anyone, shoot me an email and I will do my best to correct the situation.

There is more to come after this, party shots and, of course, the grand payoff courtesy of Wade, the owner of Angry Wade's, so check back in later in the day or early tomorrow.