Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Can't Help Myself

Okay, I know, no more banging on the Knicks. But when the New York Daily News starts printing jokes about them, well, I felt compelled to share one with you.

How many Knicks does it take to change a tire?

Just one, unless it is a blow-out, then the whole team contributes.

Hey, I didn't make it up.

Oh, the Knicks passed on The Answer. Now, of course, everyone is second guessing that decision. Just two days ago, though, everyone was saying what a mistake it would have been to get Iverson. You just can't win. One thing, Iverson would have put a few more fannies in the seats.

I wonder how many people will show up for this afternoon's game against the Nets. If they were playing in Madison Square Garden it would be announced as a sell-out even if the place was half empty. It is kind of fun to watch how they manipulate the camera angles to avoid showing empty seats.

Making a Muffaletta New Orleans style sandwich (they serve many) and some Glogg for an indoor tailgate party tomorrow. Maybe Rice Krispy squares too, if I feel ambitious.

One thing about this afternoon's Knicks/Nets game, someone does have to win.

Did you hear about the new Knicks cologne? You splash it on and the other guy scores.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's Inevitable

With basketball's biggest headcase, Starbury, out of the game, isn't it inevitable that the Knicks will make a play for the biggest one still in the game?

Let's all put our hands together and welcome Allen Iverson.

Okay, nothing official yet, but, if I was a betting man...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Redskins Safe

Phew, the Washington Redskins can keep their name:

"Supreme Court declines to take Redskins' naming case Native American activists had claimed that team's nickname is so offensive that it does not deserve trademark protection."

I wonder if they will go after Redskin Peanuts now.

Hey, I know, I promised not to go on about the Knicks anymore, but I had to laugh at a New York Daily News article that referred to the New York Zombies. I guess with Curry returning to "action" that might be appropriate. Curry kind of moves like a zombie, and not one of those fast ones, either. Kind of a "Night Of The Living Dead" type of movement. Actually, with his history of injuries, Curry is kind of like the zombie who falls into the sugar mill in "White Zombie," one of the best zombie movies ever made.