Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lack Of Postings

A few people have sent me emails wondering if my liver has given out and that is why I haven't posted lately.  Have no fear, all is well.  It is just that I am in Minnesota visiting friends in Minneapolis, Virgina, Ely and International Falls.  I won't be returning home until the middle of next week and will certainly resume posting then.

Thank you for thinking of me, though.  I do suspect that some of the concerns for my liver may have been a bit less than completely sincere, however.

I am posting this from Ely in Northern Minnesota and there was frost on the pumpkin, as well as on the windshields, this morning.  The Mysterious Chinese Woman has bundled herself up and can't understand why I think it is just a nice crisp fall day.

Later this morning I will be driving to International Falls, right on the Canadian border.  International Falls was the inspiration for Frostbite Falls in the Rocky and Bulwinkle cartoons.  They proudly proclaim their city as the Icebox Of The Nation, a "hotly" contested title that they officially won many years back.

Until I post again, stay warm.