Saturday, June 05, 2010

Pacific Standard

My neice, Katie, is coming to visit at the end of next week and she expressed an interest in going to an Ethiopian restaurant.  Guess they don't have much ethnic food in Alaska, except maybe raw seal blubber.  I found one (an Ethiopian restaurant, not a seal) kind of in my neighborhood and decided to check it out.  It was quite a walk and the place wasn't open, but at least it is still in business.  Right across the street was an Australian pub named Sheep Station.  Alas, it too was closed.  We will go there one evening when Katie is in town, and they should both be open.

It was a bit of a walk and the day was hot so I bet you can guess the next part.  You are right, I found a neat little bar to pop into.

Pacific Standard

Pacific Standard is on 4th Avenue, a still somewhat gritty stretch that is largely commercial.  But, mark my words, it will undergo gentrification once the economy turns around.  You are already seeing signs, and this bar is an early indicator.  It has only been here three years although it looks older.  Maybe there was another bar here before this one.

Nothing overly pretentious about the place, but kind of cozy looking, like an old pub.  And they have a very decent selection of beers on tap.

A Nice Selection

I started out with a Rye Knot from the Chelsea Brewery that is located in Manhattan.  I have written about the Chelsea Brewery before and it is well worth visiting.  They have a nice restaurant with great views of the marina on the Hudson River.

Anyway, the beer comes in at a nice 6% ABV and is brewed using three types of rye that make-up about half of the total mash.  A nicely flavored beer with a good balance of spice and hops.  But not at all sweet.  A very nice summer beer and you could easily spend an afternoon drinking these.

Quenching My Thirst

I followed that one up with a Captain Lawrence Kaptain's Kolsch.  Captain Lawrence is located in upstate New York and I felt a bit guilty ordering this.  The owner's of Pacific Standard are both from California and they did have several California micro-brews on tap.  Maybe next time.

I generally like the Kolsch style of beer, kind of a light, slightly lemony flavor and very refreshing.  This one is a 5.5% ABV and is a light, pale yellow color and true to its style.  A nice alternative to weiss beers for a summeer brew.

The back room of Pacific Standard is a bit different.  Where you would expect to find a pool table there is a little library.

The Reading Room

There are board games available so you could get yourself a beer or two and head back there to play checkers or read a book or something.  Pacific Standard also hosts readings, so very West Coast.  The owners are probably from San Francisco.

Pacific Standard has a nice website that also links to their blog:

They also have their own beer glasses, not just the promotionals from the breweries.

A Glass With Class

As I mentioned, this bar has a bit of an old pub feel to it with little tables in nooks up front where you can sit and have a pint or two and chat with your friends.

A Cozy Corner

And let's not forget the mirror which gave me a chance for taking one of my "artistic" pictures.

My Artistic Picture

Actually, I consider any picture that has me in a reflection to be artistic.  If you look closely at the first picture of the exterior of Pacific Standard you can see my reflection in the lower righthand corner.  That makes that an artistic picture as well.

They don't serve food here but have no problem with you bringing in your own from one of the nearby take-out places.  A couple of young ladies got a bag of chicken wings to go with their martinis and graciously offered to share them with the Mysterious Chinese Woman and me.

They might not have food, but they do have nice tee-shirts available.

Take Your Pick

All and all, it was a very comfortable and friendly bar.  The bartender, Glenn, was affable and the whole place had a nice vibe to it.  It was relatively early in the afternoon so it wasn't very crowded, but I will try to pop in one evening to check it out.  It is a bit of a hike from where I live, but would make for a nice stroll on a pleasant summer evening.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Not Jim

One of the reader's of my blog wanted to know if this was my brother-in-law Jim:

No, Jim isn't that talented.  But they do look kind of alike.

Jim, A Drinker, Not A Drummer

And they are so cute at that age.

Thanks for sending me that video, Jerry, it was awesome.

My favorite part of the Celtics/Lakers game last night was the jump ball with Nate going up against Pau.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Almost Perfect

Although it is a shame that Armando Galarraga was robbed of a perfect game the other night, look at the bright side.  I do believe that what happened was even rarer than a perfect game.  Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that there are fewer instances of a pitcher throwing a perfect game through 9 2/3 innings and blowing it with the last at bat than actual perfect games.

Still, you have to feel bad for Armando, particularly when he would have been the one who actually got the last put-out.  Now that would have been classic.

You will have to admit, Armando is one classy guy for handling the whole thing so well.  I am glad he at least got a new car out of it, and I see a lot of potential endorsements in the future.  It wouldn't surprise me to see an ad with both him and Jim Joyce in it in the near future.

Now I am starting to wonder, in bowling have there been more 300 games or 299 games?

Another prediction for the New Jersey (soon to be Brooklyn) Nets:  With Phil Jackson in the last year of his contract with the Lakers, look for Mikhail Prokhorov to make a play for him.  What bigger lure could you dangle in front of LeBron, other than money.

Looking forward to watching the Celtics/Lakers series and am hoping that Nate Robinson can make a real contribution for the boys in green.

Haven't heard much about Isiah and Stephon lately. 

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Congratulations Nate

I wonder how many of Nate's former teammates on the Knicks wish they could have been traded to the Celtics.  You might want to keep that in mind, LeBron.

Jury duty today and you have to love the government.  You are supposed to show up at 8:30 AM at 360 Adams Street.  Oh, wait, it says the main entrance is on Court Street.  But there isn't any Court Street address.  And if you aren't supposed to show up at the main entrance, why mention it?  Also, if you take the subway and get off at the Borough Hall subway station and walk to the corner, Adams Street is Boerum Place.  And Boerum Place and Adams Street is also known as Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard. I live on the corner of Schermerhorn Street and Boerum Place and I get confused.

Oh yeah, and your Social Security number that you are supposed to protect at all times, you need to write that on the form that you turn in.  A form that will probably be seen by about a hundred people before the day is over.  Ah, but what can they do with that if they don't know your name, address, and date-of-birth.  Oh, wait, that is on the form too.  I am suprised they don't want your mother's maiden name as well.

I won't get selected for jury duty anyway, I am wearing my tee-shirt that says "GUILTY" on the front.