Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Sweet Band, And A Bit More

As I mentioned in my last post, after our excursion to the Ocean Grill the Mysterious Chinese Woman and I went to El Dorado to hear my friend Randall play in his sweet band, the Duvalins. It has a mixed crew, Randall being from Canada and the lead singer and guitar player being from Mexico. The bass player looks Canadian as well and I really can't tell about the others. Anyway, they named their band after a Mexican candy that is also a bit of a mix.

Duvalin - I Don't Change It For Anything

The "I Don't Change It For Anything" is Duvalin's slogan. I guess it means the candy is the same as it always was. Who knows. There is a joke about a Mexican boy who is told to go to the store and buy Duvalin but gets something else instead. But it is a really bad joke and I am not going to repeat it. Suffice it to say that the punchline is "I don't change it for anything." You can get a bunch of Mexicans to snort beer out of their noses if you the this one at a bar.

Anyway, the band Duvalin is a pretty rocking group and a lot of fun to listen to. And, as I may have mentioned, how many rock bands feature an electric mandolin?

The Duvalins

And they get the crowd up and dancing as well.

Fun For All Ages

And of course the Mysterious Chinese Woman enjoyed the both the band and her usual drink that is bigger than her head.

Either A Big Drink Or A Small Head

Ah, we all know it is just a matter of perspective. The Mysterious Chinese Woman most emphatically does not have a small head.

We also had the fried calamari, which was quite tasty. I may give their ribs a chance because I have heard they are good as well.

A friend we met at Ocean Grill, Maree, joined us and it was her birthday. The band was kind enough to send her over a really nice birthday treat.

And Not Duvalins

The weather here remains kind of blah. Mostly cloudy, occasional sun, and more rain than is usual. In fact yesterday it rained really hard for about an hour. Cleared up in time for us to head out for dinner, though. But then it started in again and we were sitting on the upper deck of Joe Jack's Fish Shack. Luckily they had a retractable awning that they could extend. Great whole red anapper again, although I opted for the garlic shrimp. We went with a couple of friends of ours and tonight we are going to make dinner out of our doggy bags. Well, out of the contents of our doggy bags.

A Bit Of The Blah

We did get a nice rainbow one evening.

But No Pot Of Gold

And, even though there was no pot of gold, we did get a nice golden sunset.

I Would Have Liked The Pot

I have been enjoying reading about Lin's exploits with the Knicks. I managed to see the game with the Lakers where he outplayed Kobe and dumped in 38 points. All of the hoopla about him is kind of fun too. I should be able to catch Sunday's game against the Mavericks on because it is being broadcast on ABC which they get down here.