Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spleen Ain't My Scene

After our brief stop at the Atlantic ChipShop we continued on our way to Ferdinando's Focacceria Ristorante. The block that it is on, Union between Columbia Street and Hicks is really quite a throwback to a bygone era and is truly worth visiting. When is the last time you have seen an actual dry goods store? Well, there is one right across the street from Ferdinando's. And right next store is a tobacco shop with a cigar store Indian right in front. Next time I visit I will take more pictures of the places on this block. And visit again I shall.

The Angles On Ferdinando's

I came here for the spleen sandwich and, by golly, a spleen sandwich is what I got.

Spleen, And More, Much More

This sandwich, called a Vastedda, is a Sicilian style sandwich made with spleen,layered with ricotta and grated cheese, and baked. It is served on a hamburger style bun, but they make their buns and all of their breads on the premises and it is delicious. The bun, that is. The rest of the sandwich, not so much.

Now don't get me wrong. I am sure that if you like spleen you would consider it delicious. It turned out I don't care for it that much and it still was not too bad. I guess I expected the spleen to be more like, I don't know, a heart or something. A bit crunchier maybe. Spleen is more like chicken livers, both in texture and in taste. And I am not a big fan of chicken livers, although I do like gizzards.

Nonetheless, I did eat the whole thing. Like I said, it wasn't bad, actually okay. Just not my cup of tea.

Didn't Stop Me From Eating It, Though

Actually, I am glad I tried it because now I can say that I have had a Vastedda and, if I ever see it on a menu again, I will know not to order it.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman fared much better with her order, sticking with the relatively commonplace Chicken Parmigiana.

Lot's Of Chicken Parmigiana

I thought those brown tube things were sausages but they were nicely crisped potato croquettes. The Chicken Parmigiana itself was kind of ho-hum though, and the spaghetti wasn't freshly made. A bit disappointing, because this was one of their "specials."

Still, this place is one I will go back to again. I just like the ambiance and some of their food is very good indeed. Kind of like McSorley's, though, you don't go there just because you like their beer.

Next time I am having the Trippa, tripe in tomato sauce with peas. I know I like tripe.

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