Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

Heading to New Jersey today for a prolonged New Years celebration at my Mysterious Sister-In-Law's.  Looking forward to it because we all had to leave early last Sunday due to the snow and I didn't get a chance to dig into a number of interesting beers that Jim brought over.  We were going to watch the Jets and Giants games and drink them up but, alas, didn't get to them.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate a bit more this time.

So, I will bid you a fond adieu untl 2011 and wish you all:


Monday, December 27, 2010

I Would Rather Be In Mexico

It is one thing to be in Mexico watching the weather reports from New York showing blizzard-like conditions.  It is quite another to be in New York when there is a blizzard.  I couldn't even make it to the deli to get a paper this morning, and the deli is only a block away.

I am going to have a second cup of coffee while I listen to Brian Wilson's great album "Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin."  Then I will try for the deli again and take a few pictures, which I will post.

The Jets lost, but managed to back themselves into the playoffs, so go Jets.  The Giants, well, they just backed into a meat-grinder.  I think Eli realizes he can never catch Brett in number of games played but he is certainly making an effort to catch him in the interception department.  He threw four yesterday and leads the league with 24 so far this year.

All This, And No Newspapers!!!

And no mail either. So much for "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Well, there is a reason that the Chinese Woman is called Mysterious.  She asked me what I wanted for Christmas and, because I am a man of modest wants and, really, couldn't think of anything I just said "Why don't you get me that Rabbit cocktail shaker.  The next day I started thinking that what I should have asked for is just one of those Boston shakers like the bartenders use.

Nothing Fancy

All I needed was the metal part because I have plenty of pint glasses, mostly stolen from Molly Malone years ago when I used to live right around the corner and would routinely walk out of the place with a pint of beer for the road.

Anyway, I didn't want to say anything because I thought the Mysterious Chinese Woman may have already ordered the Rabbit for me.  When she gave me my present I was a bit surprised at how light it was.  But, when I opened it, to my delight it was just what I really wanted, and not what I asked for, a Boston shaker.  She had read some of the reviews for the Rabbit and, apparently, they weren't too favorable.  Many people complained that it leaked.  And, she had heard me talk about the Boston shaker in the past.

So there you go, I got what I really wanted, even though I didn't ask for it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

When Men Were Men

Sheesh, everyone making a fuss because the University of Minnesota doesn't have heating coils under the field and the Viking football players are complaining about the risk of injury by playing there.  Is it just me, or aren't domed stadiums and heated fields a relatively recent innovation.  How did football ever get played back in the good old days when icy conditions, snow, rain and mud were considered to be just part of the game?

Bud Grant would be rolling over in his grave, if he was dead.

Brett's still tough though.  He is actually starting tonight.  Who would have thunk.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vegas At Night

Okay, enough about Brett Favre, the Vikings, and conspiracy theories about the stadium dome collapsing. As someone pointed out, it isn't like that was the only time it has collapsed. Actually, I think it is the fifth time. They sure build them to last in Minnesota.

But on to more pleasant topics. Strolling around downtown Las Vegas at night is always kind of fun. Plenty of lights and you can actually walk from one place to another. The casinos and bars are closer together downtown then stuff inside the casinos on the strip. It literally took me half an hour to walk from the sports book of Ceaser's Palace to a smoke shop in the place, buy a cigar and walk back.

Bright Lights Of The City

On this particular evening we had eaten dinner at, I believe, Three Georges.  A very good steak house and quite reasonably priced for what you get. Not that it is cheap, but the food is very good and the ambience is classy.

Afterwards Tom, Jon and I headed for The Griffin for a nightcap.

I See The Light

This is one of my favorite nightime haunts when I am in Vegas. Mostly locals and a nice quiet place to have a drink. We were well served by a bartender whose name I took pains to write down on a napkin that I can no longer find.

The Unknown Bartender

I asked her if she would take a picture of the three of us and she gladly obliged.

Smile, Everyone

She asked me why Jon wasn't smiling and I said sometimes if you pulled his ear you could get him to smile.

Trying To Get Jon To Smile

As you can see, I wasn't very successful. She asked if she could try.

Much Better Results

We finished up our cocktails and we then headed to downtown. for a final nightcap. Unfortunately, or not, the one picture I took of the exterior was out of focus and I forgot to take any pictures inside. It was getting to be that time of night.

The Knicks played a thrilling game against the Celtics last night and for the first time in a long time I am not being sarcastic. Went down to the wire and, although they blew a seven point lead in the fourth quarter to lose by two, it was exciting all the way. Up to, and including, Amare's three pointer at the buzzer to win the game, except that it was one-tenth of a second after the buzzer.

Bring on the Heat.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Breaking Rumor

Word has leaked out that Brett Favre was so distraught at not being able to start last night's game that he gnawed off his own arm in frustration.

On Its Way To Canton?

Well, nobody said that Brett wasn't tough.

Favre Vows To Return

Brett Favre said, after missing last night's game and ending his streak of starts, that he will return.  He said with the advances in medical technology he would be back next year better than ever.

Just Strap Her On

His original arm will be shipped to Canton, Ohio.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Monday Night Football

I guess Favre must have said he needed another day to get ready.

And the Jets managed to have yet another game, their fourth, without scoring a touchdown as they lost to the Dolphins.

Who would think the high point of the day would have been watching the Knicks.  They actually beat a good team, the Nuggets, in an exciting game.  And Amare Stoudemire set a Knicks record by scoring 30 points or more in eight straight game.

I am reading Keith Richards' autobiography, "Life."  So far it is pretty good, but I think his knowledge of geography is a bit lacking.  He goes on a bit about how the Rolling Stones were originally a blues band, steeped in the history and culture of the delta, etc., etc., etc.  In one passage he says:

"Our thing was playing Chicago blues; that was where we took everything that we knew, it was our kickoff point, Chicago.  Look at that Mississippi River.  Where does it come from?  Where does it go?  Follow that river all the way up and you'll end up in Chicago."

Ah, somehow I seriously doubt you will end up in Chicago if you follow the Mississippi River all the way up.  You might end up in Minneapolis, though.  Or, maybe, Bemidji, if you keep following it.  Or Lake Itasca, if you really want to follow it all the way.  Chicago is on Lake Michigan, a slightly larger body of water than Lake Itasca. 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nothing Says Dim Sum Like Chicken Feet

A couple of friends, Dave and Carol, who I met on the Berlin to Prague river cruise, were in town for a couple of days and wanted to meet the Mysterious Chinese Woman and me for dim sum in Chinatown.  They were with friends of their's from Britain.

Now, before we left to meet them, the Mysterious Chinese Woman said "Don't order any chicken feet, it will gross them out."  Well what, aside from the tripe, that I was also warned not to order, do you think they wanted to try.  By "they" I mean Dave and Grahm.  Their wives wanted no part of these tasty dishes.

Er, Just How Do You Eat These?

Just Push It In And Spit Out What You Can't Chew

We actually ordered a second helping of the chicken feet because they are prepared in two different styles.  It just goes to show, you shouldn't make assumptions about what people may or may not like.

A surprisingly warm day here in New York after a couple of really chilly ones.  I would head to the Waterfront Ale House but I am trying to lose a few pounds before I hit the beaches in Mexico, so that means cutting back on my beer consumption.  On top of that, I think I ate too much at dim sum so I am stuffed.  I probably should have walked home across the Brooklyn Bridge, but I was too lazy so I just took the subway.

They have installed new "informational" signs at the Brooklyn Bridge subway station, the ones that tell you how long before the next train arrives.  Of course the times they show have nothing to do with the time the trains actually arrive.  The sign said it would be 23 minutes before the train back to Brooklyn would arrive and it showed up with 21 minutes still showing on the sign.  It is amazing how the same type of signs seem to work to the minute in the subways in Europe and Hong Kong.  I have heard those signs also work in other cities in the United States.  Oh well, New York is something else altogether.  Most of the time the elevators and escalators don't work here either.

I still have a few more pictures from Las Vegas and I will try to get them up either tomorrow or Monday, so stay tuned.  Maybe not until Monday, because I will be watching football tomorrow.  The Giants/Vikings game should be interesting on a number of levels. It will also be interesting to see whether the Jets can regroup after their horrible showing against the Patriots, or if they have fallen apart completely.  I root for the Jets, but I have been saying all along that they have been more lucky than good this year.  Given the way the Patriots scored against them it probably didn't matter much, but this was their third loss where they haven't been able to score a single touchdown.  And Sanchez is starting to throw interceptions like Favre.

On the bright side, the Knicks are looking good.  I am reading "Life" by Keith Richards and next on my list is "Rockin' Steady: A Guide to Basketball and Cool" by Walt Frazier.  I also have an interesting looking book, "Travels with Barley: A Journey Through Beer Culture In America" by Ken Wells (a gift from my friend Bruce) and "The Castle in Transylvania" by Jules Verne (a gift from my brother-in-law Jim) in my Queue.  A great time of year to just curl up on the couch with a good book.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Guest

Those of you who regularly read my postings are aware of my admiration for the Thirsty Swagman.  While Bar Man can hold his own with most, I have learned never to match a Russian shot for shot and never try to match an Australian beer for beer.  I have been asked to post some articles that are written by them (Thirsty Swagman, not the Russians and the Australians) if they fit with the overall theme of my blog.  As it turns out, they all do.

The Wettest and Wildest Party on the Planet

Speaking of epic places people go to party - Southeast Asia’s Thailand is home to what is possibly the biggest and wildest water fight event in the world. Keen travelers from all over, pack their bags and head to Thailand every April, to celebrate the Thai New Year (Songkran) with a splash. During this time, don’t be surprised when the whole of Thailand stops for 3 days to engage in an immense, country-wide water fight.

For the entire Songkran period, party goers line the streets and post themselves in every corner, ready with their water-filled weaponry (sometimes mixed with mentholated talc) aimed at who-ever dare pass by. ..So if you plan on walking more than 3 metres down the road during this time, expect to return nothing less than soaked from head to toe.

But why stop at a 3 day Thai New Year, massive, celebratory water fight – when you could turn this crazy travel experience into a full week of one totally unforgettable pub crawl marathon?

Buckle up beer-loving travelers and prepare yourselves for one exhilarating pub tour experience of a lifetime, handled by renowned Australian based tour operator Thirsty Swagman ( the company offering a purely pub- and bar-based itinerary worldwide. Your experience starts with bar hopping your way through Sentosa Island, where feet in sand and beer in hand, you’ll enjoy taking in the rays while making friends with the Thirsty crew that will soon be your new best buddies for the next action-packed week of partying.

After a day of blissful relaxation – you’ll be ready to head to the heart Clarke Quay, a cluster of themed bars ranging from Moroccan fantasy, to the Scottish Hilander. But be warned - A typical night at Clarke Quay usually involves nothing less that downing 4L towers of beer at Brewerkz microbrewery and then heading straight to The Clinic. Not the kind of Clinic guys end up at after a crazy night they can’t remember – this ironically themed pub had doctors and nurses treating you with syringes and drips filled with nothing but tasty alcohol, while you and your mates chill out on the slightly odd seating arrangements – hospital beds. The Clinic is definitely an unlikely pub, in a country where chewing gum is prosecutable.

The next destination is Phuket, Thailand, for a hard-core party in the Bangla Road. During the trip in Thailand, travelers get to experience Songkran, the Thai New Year, where you and hundreds of other partygoers, will be stumbling through the streets of Phuket with your water guns strapped on, in a fully-fledged, country-wide water fight! And did I mention? Soaked hotties everywhere!

One of the places in Thailand where pub travelers will dwell on is the hardest-rocking pub in the world, named Rock city, which is located on Phuket’s Patong Beach. With VIP entry and drinks, you’ll be raising your glass to the most authentic AC/DC, Metallica and Guns ‘n’ Roses cover bands you’ve ever heard. Along your drinking journey, you’ll also get to nail drinks at Tiger bar and several other of Patong beach’s best pubs and bar.

One highlight of this pub tour experience that mustn’t be left out is your speedboat adventure to a private pub on the beautiful Naka Island. To give you an idea of just how amazing this island is – it’s fit for a king – literally – as the Prince of Dubai recently stayed there. You’ll land on a stretch of beach with nothing but white sand, crystal clear water, and two tiny beach shack pubs that serve every beer, ice cold!

Ready to party? Visit

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Double Down And Just Down

Well, let's get the "Just Down" out of the way.  I don't think I need to say anything more than I am a Jets fan.

Now On To The Double Down

While the decor in Frankie's Tiki Room is, well, Tikish, the decor here is more lower east-side before it got gentrified. For those of you who have been there, think Mars Bar. Especially the bathrooms.

Number One

Number Two

Our lovely bartender, Lynnea, proudly displayed two of their most famous concoctions, both of which were featured on Samantha Browns show. Well, the first is just the main ingredient in their Bacon Martini. And yes, it is what it looks like, a couple of slices of bacon in a bottle of vodka to add flavor.

Bacon, Not Just For Breakfast

And, of course, the world-famous Ass Juice.

The Holiday Special, With Corn

And here we are, drinking under the signs advertising the Double Down's specials.

How Appealing

And Here Is The Whole Gang

The second guy from the left is Alby, our designated driver. He is wearing his customary U of M sweatshirt. I won't say Alby is superstitious, but whenever he comes to Las Vegas he wears a U of M sweatshirt and he wears the same sweatshirt every day he is here. Makes it easy to pack, that's for sure.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Revisiting Old Haunts

Having gotten a taste of a few off-the-beaten-path places when we were in Las Vegas last year, we decided to revisit a couple of them.  Our first stop was Frankie's Tiki Room, where I was hoping to get a new calendar.

Just Like In Hawaii

When we entered the place we ran into the same bartender we saw last year.

Allison, In The Same Shirt, Too

Actually, I don't know about the same shirt.  When I said I wanted the same thing the guy sitting on the curb outside was having she shreiked and said "I remember you guys from last year."  She still served us, though.

Most Of The Crew

From left to right there is Jon, AKA Smiley, Yours Truly, Jerry and Tom.  Our designated driver was off somewhere drinking his coffee and playing video  poker or something.

I had a Navy Grog and, I think, a Mai Tai.  Both were quite good, not that weak syrupy stuff you get in a lot of places.

They play clips from cheesy movies on the little TVs behind the bar and the bathroom is decorated with old zombie/horror movie posters.

I Like The Decor

And, of course, you have to have a large Tiki.  This one had a decidedly Las Vegas look to it.

I Only Have Snake-Eyes For You

One of the movies that they had playing in the background was  "Fiend Of Dope Island" and it is now sitting on the top of my Netflix queue.  As a bonus, the movie "Pagan Island" is included on the same DVD.  I will most certainly be drinking a Mai Tai or two while I settle in to watch them.

Movie Night

Although we could easily have settled in here for the duration, our sober driver, Alby, moved us along to our next stop, Double Down Saloon, home of the famous Ass Juice.  No, really, it is famous.  It has been featured on both Tony Bourdain's "No Reservations" and, more recently, on "Travels With Samantha Brown."

Tomorrow I shall post about Double Down, so be sure to check back.  They had a special holiday Ass Juice that included, among other things, whole kernals of corn.  You might not want to think about that combination for too long.

Oh, and Frankie's Tiki Room didn't make any calendars for 2011.  What a bummer.

Tiger Woods blew a four-stroke lead on Sunday to lose the Chevron World Challenge.  There was a time when this would have been a major story, maybe a full back-page.  In this morning's New York Daily News it was just a ho-hum quarter of a column tucked way in the back of the sports section.  How far the mighty have fallen.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Las Vegas, Here I Come

After several days of eating, drinking and general merry-making at my sister-in-law's house to celebrate Thanksgiving, I returned home and regurgitated.  No, not really.  But I did return home.  Only for a short while, however.  It is now 2:30 AM and I am just about to hop in the shower and quickly pack before departing for Las Vegas.  I have a 5:00 AM pick-up and a 7:15 AM flight.

Not sure if I will have the opportunity to post anything while I am in Las Vegas, but I doubt it.  So, until I return, be well, be happy, beware.

Oh, and I see where the Vikings won yesterday, so Chilly must have been the problem.  Plus Favre had a game with no interceptons, how about that.  And how about Miami?  Will they ever be able to play as a team?  As of now the Knicks have as many wins as they do.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Bar Man is heading out to dim sum in Chinatown today and then it is off to New Jersey where I will be spending the Thanksgiving Holiday with the Mysterious Chinese Woman's family. So, no more posts until after I get back next Saturday or Sunday.

In the meantime, I wish you all a most enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Oh, and did you know that "snarge" is the technical term for the bits of feathers, beaks and feet that remain after a bird is sucked into a jet engine.  And nothing says Thanksgiving like turkey snarge.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Not saying that the Vikings are going the way of the Knicks of old, or maybe I am.  At least the Knicks always got the names of their players spelled correctly on their jerseys.  For Sunday's game the Vikings mispelled Kevin William's last name on his jersey, spelling it WILLAIMS.

Well, to be fair, there are three players on the Vikings team with the last name of Williams and they did get Pat's and Madieu's last names spelled right.  And, as Meat Loaf once sang, "Two out of three ain't bad."

And, speaking of Brett Favre, isn't it great that he goes 17 for 38 and throws an interception against Green Bay and they fire the coach?  The only irony is that they named Leslie Frazier as the interim coach.  I am sure Brett thought he would get the job.  Hell, I am sure Brett thought he already was the coach.

Meanwhile, my beloved Jets are farting rose-petals these days.  But what's with them playing on Thanksgiving.  That should only happen if they are playing either Detroit or Dallas.  Is nothing sacred anymore.  Well, yes, the almighty dollar.

On the bright side, the Jets are playing the Bengals, a team they really should trounce.  But I wouldn't put my money on them to beat the spread.  I will bet that all the player's names will be spelled correctly on their jersey's, though.

I wonder what a Kevin Willaims jersey would sell for if you could get your hands on one.  It would be kind of like that stamp with the upside down airplane, the 1918 "inverted Jenny."

As long as we are on the subject of mispellings and mistakes, here is a bit of trivia for you.  In the game of Monopoly the properties are based upon locations in Atlantic City.  But Marvin Gardens is mispelled in the game.  It is really Marven Gardens and is named for two bordering communities, Margate City and Ventnor City  It is also the only property in the game that is not located in Atlantic City (there is also a Ventnor Avenue which lies partially within Atlantic City). 

The mispelling was carried over to the title of a mighty fine movie starring Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern and Ellen Burstyn: "The King Of Marvin Gardens." But, to be fair, the movie was referencing the boardgame so I guess the mispelling was actually not a mispelling.

Jason Staebler:
You notice how it's Monopoly out there? Remember Boardwalk, Park Place, Marvin Gardens?

David Staebler:
Go directly to jail?

Jason Staebler:
Well, that's me. Don't pass go, don't collect $200.

Jason was played by Bruce Dern and David was played by Jack Nicholson.

Now aren't you glad you read this blog on a regular basis?

Friday, November 19, 2010

More Random Musings

So, with the whole world facing an economic downturn, Europe elects to implement unpopular austerity programs while the United States decides to try to spend its way out of the problem.  I wonder which will prove to be the most successful?

I wonder how many people who lost their entire investment in GM when they declared bankruptcy are rushing in to buy their stock now?

I love Charlie Rangel saying that nothing that he did was for his own personal gain.  I guess not paying taxes on his rental income in the Dominican Republic must have benefitted someone else.  And who among us hasn't just kind of forgotten about $600,000 in assets.  I don't know who his accountants are, but even TurboTax would have caught those "oversights."

Does Derek Jeter really think he is worth $20 million a year for the next five years?  Let's see, he is 36 now, batted .270 last year and knocked in just 67 runs.  I wonder how he will be doing when he is 41.

And where is Starbury now that the Knicks could really use him.  Maybe Isiah will bring him back after Dolan throws Walsh under the bus.  Starbury probably thinks he is worth $20 million a year for the next five years too.

Rusty Nails, straight-up, are a very underrated drink.  Three parts Scotch and one part Drambuie.  A lemon twist garnish if you chose.  For some reason they used to serve these with hazel nuts when I was younger, but I haven't seen that in years.  Yesterday I had a pre-dinner Rob Roy (a Manhattan made with Scotch) and a post-dinner Rusty Nail.  Well, two Rusty Nails.  Kind of perfect book-ends to a nice meal.

I am still depressed just thinking about Coney Island without Ruby's.

Just bought and installed a 55" Samsung LED TV and now my living room (heh, I live in a one bedroom co-op so living room is kind of a misnomer) looks kind of like a cross between a sports bar and an airport lounge.  That isn't a bad thing.  The Mysterious Chinese Woman refused to dress like a cocktail waitress, though.

I subscribed to Hulu and am very disappointed by the number of ads they insert.  On the other hand, I am now caught up in Babel II.

Netflix instant play, however, is uber.  Now I can watch "Rocky Horror Picture Show" anytime I want.  And the quality is suburb.  And all three of "The Girl..." movies are available.  I watched "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and it was excellent.  I suspect the new one won't be nearly as good.

Be sure to check out Annie Lenox's new Christmas album, "A Christmas Cornucopia."  And to think that when I was first introduced to the Eurythmics I don't even think CDs were available.

Does anyone remember Optical Disks?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Intent Of The Voter Be Damned

Ah, you have to love the hypocrisy of our political system, or at least that of some of the people in it.  A classic example was the challenge to Lisa Murkowski's write in victory for Senator of Alaska.  Her opponent, Joe Miller, actually made the case that it shouldn't be the intent of the voter that mattered when it came to counting the ballots.  Huh?!  This despite the fact that Alaska does have an “intent of the voter” measure whereby a ballot could still be counted even if a name is spelled incorrectly.

Oh, but Mr. Miller didn't just challenge votes where the voter mispelled a somewhat peculiar name, he even challenged votes where the voter had drawn a heart over the "i" instead of just dotting it, or wrote in clear script instead of printing, or put a comma between the first name and the last name or, heaven forbid, wrote the last name first followed by the first name.

At least Mr. Miller was honest enough to come right out and say that the intent of the voter doesn't matter.  Most politicians still maintain that it does.  Unless, of course, that intent runs counter to whatever it is that the politician wants.

Is it any wonder why people don't trust politicians?

On the bright side, Lisa Murkowski did prevail.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

But Starbucks Selling Wine Is Okay

Just another thought concerning the banning of cafeinated alcohol drinks.  Isn't it a bit ironic that Starbucks is now going to be selling wine and beer?  I guess you just won't be able to order coffee and wine at the same time.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Loco, For Sure

In a recent post I griped about the government stepping in and regulating just about everything, including the selling of alcoholic drinks that contain caffein.  New York will make these drinks illegal after December 10th.

But this really made me scratch my head.  Alwahaib Janeder whose family owns Lealy Super Deli in Crown Heights, Brooklyn said that high school students buy the fruity drinks on the way to class.

Huh!!!  Either there are a lot high school students who are 21 or over or the Lealy Super Deli is selling a lot of alcohol to underage kids.

Maybe the problem isn't with the beverages themselves, but with how easy it seems for those who are underage to get their hands on them.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

All Is Revealed

For those of you who may have been scratching your heads over the questions in my last post regarding the Green Bay Packers, here are the answers.

The Green Bay Packers were formed by two gentlemen who worked for the Indian Packing Company, a company that produced canned meat.  Hence the name Packers.  But, as you can see, they could have been the Green Bay Indians.

One of the two founders of the team was Earl L. "Curly" Lambeau.  And that, of course is the connection to the Three Stooges (and also why the Packers play at Lambeau field).

Curly Lambeau

The Other Curly

The Indian Packing Company was bought out by the Acme Packing Company and, as I am sure you know, Acme was where Wile E. Coyote bought all of the devices he used to try to capture or kill Road Runner.

Oh, and for a short while the Green Bay Packers actually were the Acme Packers.

Kudos to Jim, my brother-in-law, who was the first to email me the answers.

Jim, Not Curly

Monday, November 08, 2010

Da'Boars - The Finale

My friend, Rico, sent me an email and reminded me that the bartender's name is Shelly and her husband's name is Jeff.  I updated the blog where I said I had forgotten her name.

An aside before getting back to Da'Boars.  I just got back from visiting a friend of mine who has a weekend getaway in Pennsylvania.  Bob and his wife Loretta are old tailgating friends of mine and we still get together on Sundays to watch the Jets.  Wouldn't you know, with minutes to play and the Jets trailing by 3 the channel we are watching cuts away from to show that Eagles game.  And because he has DirectTV we can't get it on any other station.  We had to call my buddy Bernie, who was in New York watching the game, to get a play-by-play update as the Jets pulled one out of their butt.

Okay, Back To Da Boars

Now I may not be the biggest fan of Miller Lite, but that is just because, in general, I am not a fan of light beers.  But I sure wouldn't mind having this vehicle for tailgating.

The Ultimate Tailgate Van

And Here Is Mr. Miller Himself

Okay, that wasn't really Mr. Miller, but he was the one driving the van.

Da'Boars has a couple of volleyball courts out back, but they weren't getting too much use on this rather chilly and somewhat damp day.

A Bit Forlorn

But hearty Minnesotans aren't put off by a little bad weather so there were still outdoor activities.  And of course nothing says outdoor fun more than drinking yourself silly, spinning around with your forehead on a baseball bat and then trying to kick a football.  And my friend Sandy gave it the old college try.

Forehead On Bat

Spin Around

Well, She Tried To Kick The Ball

To be fair to Sandy, almost everyone who tried this had about the same result.

Getting Ready For Their Turn

My friend Rico and his friends wisely chose to just be observers.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Oh yes, the Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders.  I hope this picture doesn't get censored.  I managed to get a peak into their dressing room before they put on their outfits.

Hey, A Little Privacy, Please

And Here They Are, In All Their Glory

I wonder if they knew the origin of the Packers name?  And, a bit of trivia, the Green Bay Packers is the oldest team name still in use in the NFL.  Oh, they could have been the Green Bay Indians.  For extra credit, let me know why.  And for double extra credit, what is the very tenuous connection to the Three Stooges? Or to The Road Runner cartoons, for that matter (a different connection).

I will reveal all tomorrow.