Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Island Hopping In The City

Sometimes it is easy to forget that New York is mostly islands. Not tropical islands, although today we are having tropical heat, but not the cooling sea breezes. Over the last couple of days I did do a bit of island hopping, though.

The first expedition was to Staten Island to see the Staten Island Yankees play at a baseball game. So I started off from the island that I live on, took a subway to Manhattan, another island, and then took the ferry to Staten Island.

Here is one good reason to always carry a camera, you never know what you might see.

Snakes Alive

That big guy was a granite python and his markings did indeed resemble granite. This picture gives you more of an idea of his size.

He Is Indeed A Big Guy

Of course this guy wasn't just hanging out on his own, he had some buddies with him.

It Was An Infestation

I didn't get the whole story of why these snakes were here, but the gentlemen who were displaying them were associated with a zoo or a serpentarium so they knew what they were doing. They may have been from Staten Island because they have a zoo there with a fairly extensive collection of snakes. There were a bunch of kids who seemed pretty fascinated by them and one of the guys was telling them about the snakes and letting them touch the one he had draped around his neck.

Nothing To Be Afraid Of

I would have stuck around longer but we had a ferry to catch.

More Like A Cattle Car

Actually there was plenty of room and after grabbing a beer the Mysterious Chinese Woman and I made our way to the front where we could catch the breeze and a view. It always amazes me that there is so much traffic. But then a lot of freight still comes in by ship.

All Kinds Of Boats

And even when you are at the ball park, which is just a short walk from the ferry terminal, you are reminded that New York and New Jersey still have active ports.

A Ball Park With A View

And The Ferry We Came In On, Maybe

We had decent seats and I got to lord it over my niece who is big Yankees fan because my Coney Island Cyclones gave them a good whooping.

The Enemy At Bat

And, of course, you have the between innings entertainment, which is why these games last longer than most major league games.

The Real Entertainment

And nothing caps off a night of baseball like fireworks.

Bombs Bursting In Air, Rockets Red Glare

It is always a fun time and quite inexpensive, especially when compared to most sporting events. My brother-in-law buys an eight-game package that includes free hot dogs, hamburgers and surprisingly good chicken sandwiches. Plus potato chips, soda and bottled water. No beer, though, but they sell some decent stuff. They had an IPA and an Ale from Goose Island Brewery that were quite good.

Although it is fun, it can make for a late night. The ferries run every half hour and then there is a subway ride at the end. Never quite as much fun going home as it is going to the game. Maybe that is because I don't get a beer on the way back. The bar on the boat is closed at night. And the subway doesn't have bar cars even though everyone I know thinks they would be a wonderful idea.

Well, this post ran a bit longer than I expected so I will save the next session of island hopping for tomorrow. Until then, bon voyage.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Belly Button Update

Okay, I have a better post coming soon.  All about island hopping in New York. But for now I am going to keep all of you perverts updated on my belly button.

Not Beautiful, But Getting There

My surgeon says that by Labor Day it will be back to normal.