Thursday, January 01, 2009

My Mysterious Sister-In-Law had the sniffles and the Mysterious Mother-In-Law insisted that we not go out because it was so cold and windy. So how did Bar Man, notorious drinker and party animal, spend his evening?

Nibbling on Chinese take-out, drinking champagne, and watching Mama Mia and Miss Pettigrew Lives For Day before watching the ball drop on television.

Oh, we did have ginger snaps for a treat.

Bar Man feels, somehow, soiled.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Coach Fired! Quarterback Stays?

Well, it has just been announced, Jets head coach Eric Mangini has been fired but Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum says he wants Brett Favre to return for the final year of his two year contract.

Maybe the Jets can talk Mike Holmgren out of taking a sabbatical. Might as well hire an old Green Bay Packers coach and reunite him with an old Green Bay Packers quarterback.

Wow, imagine the excitement that would generate among Jets fans!!! I can hear the buzz already, or is that just tinnitus?

Get ready for the new headgear as the Jets become Green Bay East:

Ironic Or Inevitable

Irony - a state of affairs that appears perversely contrary to what one expects
Oxford Dictionary - Tenth Edition

Well, the word most often used by the sports pundits today is "ironic."

Ironic that a quarterback who led the Jets into the play-offs three times was unceremoniously cut and then proceeded to lead Miami into the play-offs.

Ironic that to do that he beat the Jets in New York.

Ironic that Chad is the second rated quarterback in the NFL this year while Brett lead the league in interceptions, throwing as many of them as he threw touchdown passes.

Ironic that Miami has their quarterback to continue to build around and the Jets don't have a clue as to who their quarterback will be for even next year.

Ironic that the injury-prone Chad plays the whole season unscathed while the indestructible Favre now says that he injured his shoulder earlier in the season and that this may have affected his play in the final five games.

Ironic that a rookie Miami head coach orchestrates the biggest one-year turn-around in NFL history and the Jets coach, once known as "Mangenius," may well be out of a job.

Ironic that so many Jets fans and almost every sportswriter in New York thought getting rid of Chad was a great idea and bringing in Brett was positively brilliant.

Personally, I think the appropriate word should be "inevitable."

What truly is ironic is that Brett Favre is going to the Pro Bowl while Chad Pennington is not.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blue Seas Saga

As many of you who follow my blog know, the Mysterious Chinese Woman and I go to Puerto Vallarta every year. For the last eight years or so we have owned a fraction in what used to be Playa del Sol. Well much to our surprise it has now been renamed Blue Seas and is being marketed as Puerto Vallarta's newest and hottest gay resort and spa.

Check out the new Blue Seas website by clicking this picture:

I have set up a new blog to deal specifically with Blue Seas issues, things that may not be of much interest to my usual readers. However, if you are interested in seeing what is going on, you can access my new blog by clicking this picture:

When I go to Puerto Vallarta my more general comments about my stay will be posted here while Blue Seas specific issues will be posted in my new blog.

Stay tuned.