Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shutting Down Shop, For Now

Today is our last full day here in lovely Puerto Vallarta.  The Mysterious Chinese Woman is busy packing everything away and I am busy staying out of the way.  We will have one last supper here tonight with our friends Bill and Marcie and then head home tomorrow.  I always hate to leave, but once I am back home in Brooklyn I quickly adapt and am happy to be there as well.

You can tell that over the years Puerto Vallarta has become much more prosperous.  Even the dogs are well dressed these days.

Putting On The Dog

The other night I finally got to a place that I have been wanting to go to for years.  Just one of those places that, for some reason or another, you never get around to.  It isn't that far from where we stay, but a bit more of a walk then most places and back from the bay.  But it has always looked so nice.

Casa Naranjo

It has always gotten good reviews from people who have eaten there but never seems very busy.  It is only open for dinner so, usually, when I walk by the place it is closed.  I am glad we did get there, though, because the food was excellent and the service was as well.

Of course we started out with a pre-dinner libation.

White Wine For The Lady

A Margarita For Bar Man

While we were enjoying our drinks we were presented with a little "Chef's Present" to nibble on.

The Present From The Chef

These were little bits of, I believe, mahi mahi, with a crispy crust.  The Mysterious Chinese Woman thought they looked like shark fins and that the tomato looked like one of their victims.  I think she was trying to put me off my feed so she could have an extra one.  Not that it worked, of course.

I ordered mussels in a chipotle sauce for an appetizer and they were okay.  A bit too chewy in my opinion, but the sauce was good.

Chew On This For Awhile

We got a complimentary bread basket and that was certainly a big hit, at least with the Mysterious Chinese Woman.

She Claims To Be Well Breaded

For the main course I ordered the lamb chops and I thought they were excellent.  Nice and tender and done just the way I asked for, a bit pink in the middle.

Quite Delicious Lamb Chops

The Mysterious Chinese Woman ordered the duck.  She said she thought the duck at River Cafe was better, but she said that this was also quite good.  I had a taste and thought it was really very good.  And, again, it was prepared just the way she asked for it, just a bit pink inside.  Nothing worse, in my opinion, than stuff that is overcooked.

A Very Tasty Duck

I finished off my dinner with an Irish coffee that was better than what you get in most Irish bars in New York.  The whipped cream that topped it off was, dare I say, simply scrumptious.

Now This Really Hit The Spot

The Mysterious Chinese Woman ordered a chocolate, pastry, fruit crepe type of dessert that was also really good.

And She Shared

All and all it was a very good dining experience.  We got there shortly after it opened at 6:00 PM and were the only people there for quite awhile.  As we were eating another party of four showed up, but that was it.  Maybe they get more business latter in the evening.  I certainly hope so because it really was a very good restaurant and I sure would like to see it succeed.  It has been around for a number of years, though, so hopefully it will be here again next year.

I am closing down shop now, so although I have more Puerto Vallarta stuff to post, I won't be getting to it until Monday at the earliest.  But be sure to check back then.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Goodbye

A few of us got together at Adelitas, a restaurant and bar a bit out of the Puerto Vallarta downtown area.

Las Adelitas

This time it was Bill and Marcie, me and the Mysterious Chinese Woman joining Tom and Bella for dinner.  Although none of us were actually leaving right away, it was unlikely that we would be seeing Tom and Bella again before we departed.  They have a place of their own here and don't stay in our compound.  And they will be heading for Wisconsin in a couple of weeks.

The Las Adelitas here just opened recently but they have had a restaurant in Guadalajara since 1987. Adelita was a legendary woman who participated in the Mexican Revolution in 1910. La Adelita did really exist, although some have suggested she was a he whose real name was Altagracia Martínez and was nicknamed Adelita by Pancho Villa. Today the term "Adelita" is used to refer to all the female soldiers who participated in the Revolution.

Real Las Adelitas

And once again, kids, you can thank Bar Man for providing you with a little factoid that is sure to impress you parents, who probably are too busy to read my blog.

As you can imagine, the decor of Las Adelitas has a Pancho Villa and Revolution them to it.

Comin' At You

There was a nice little outdoor courtyard in the back, although we opted to sit in the more enclosed area.

The Courtyard

They have a nice bar and quite an impressive selection of beers. Mostly Mexican, of course, but some which I had never heard of before.

I Chose A Victoria

There menu was heavy on grilled food, skirt steaks, ribs, chicken and fish, but they also had a dynamite lamb stew.

The Grilling Area

Before ordering, though, we had to have our drinks. The Mysterious Chinese Woman was pleased to see they had a menu just for her.

A List For Lushes

After ordering a Minerva beer, the strongest and most expensive beer on the Lush List (a whopping 45 pesos and 6.1%) she settled for the lamb stew.

The Stewed With Her Stew, And Bella Looking On

Oh, I am being much to harsh. The Mysterious Chinese Woman conducted herself with great dignity, for the most part.  And, if I had not already had Minerva (the beer) before I might have ordered it as well.  It is one of the few, if not the only, micro-brewery beers here in Mexico.

Marcie and Bill shared a mixed grill plate that had both ribs and chicken and it was still almost two much for them.

Marcie And Bill

Is it just me, or does Marcie always look like she is up to something?

And Let Us Not Forget Tom

I had the ribs and they came with a large piece of garlic bread, corn on the cob, coleslaw and beans. A mighty hearty meal.

Lip-Smacking Good

And I learned the difference between huevos and huesos.

A Bowl For My Huesos

Not Eggs, But Bones

Actually, huesos can also refer to more than just bones, depending upon the context, but in this case the context was pretty clear.

And so we had a wonderful meal and bid goodbye to Tom and Bella until next year. But no huggy pictures this time around, so you can relax.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Starting To Say Goodbye

Ah, it is starting to get to be that time when our friends down here begin returning home. And it won't be long before we follow them. Well, we won't be following them to their home, that would be kinky, but we will be returning home ourselves.

The first to head back were Allison and Steve, so I threw them a little farewell party and made a special drink, just for them.

My Goodbye Steve And Allison Special

I tried to capture the essence of Puerto Vallarta's sun and sea in a glass. Plus I also got rid of some leftover Banana Daiquiri (to which I added a lot of the healthy blue food coloring), orange juice and Champagne. But it did end up looking kind of cool, and didn't taste half-bad, either.

Pretty Good, If I Do Say So

Some of the usual suspects showed up to say their goodbyes, including, of course, Steve and Allison.

Those Who Were About To Depart

Marcie And Bill

Marcie couldn't stay too long though, she had some kind of a church social that she had to attend. I think it was sponsored by The Ladies Of The Pew. But don't quote me on that.




Just a small, intimate gathering that, as the actual hour of departure drew nigh, deteriorated into disgusting displays of affection that we will all try to wipe from our collective consciousness.

You Younger Readers Should Leave The Room Now

I think Allison wanted to take the Mysterious Chinese Woman home with her.

I Will Just Put Her In The Overhead Bin

When the Mysterious Chinese Woman refused to be parted from her beloved Bar Man, Allison was almost inconsolable.

Almost, But Not Quite

And then, they were off and the party (at least this party) was over. But there is always next-year, and we will always have Puerto Vallarta.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another Egg Party

If it isn't one thing, it is another.  And if it isn't one party, it is another.  This time. to celebrate the Spring Solstice and the Worm Moon we decided to have an egg party.

Wait, a Worm Moon?  What is that, you might ask.  It is the first full moon in March and is called the Worm Moon because that is when worm casts (that would be worm potty) begin to show up because the ground is starting to warm up.  And the early bird catches the worm and birds lay eggs so it just makes sense to have an Egg Party.

First of all we had to go shopping for supplies.  This mostly meant Champagne for Mimosas and eggs.  A piece of advice, do not take Marcie shopping with you.  She is easily distracted.

Eggs, Marcie, Eggs

For those of you who are new to this blog, our egg parties are an annual affair down here in Puerto Vallarta, at least since Sandy taught us how to throw them.  Throw the parties, not the eggs.

That Is Sandy In The Middle

You start out by chopping up a bunch of stuff that people might want to put in their omelette, stuff like onions, peppers, mushrooms, whatever.  You can also fry up some Italian sausages and chorizo.  And, of course you also want to have plenty of Champagne and orange juice.  Oh, yes, and grated cheese. Must not forget the grated cheese.

Valerie, Our Cheese Grater

Then you put everything out on a table where people can have easy access.

Help Yourself

It is also a good idea to have stuff to go with your eggs, and little baked potatoes are always a good side dish.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman Made These

And, if you have good friends, like we do, everyone brings something to share.

Good And Healthy Stuff

Just Good Stuff

Marcie loves to bake and made the brownies.  She is also my back-up documentarian (although I am not sure if that is really a word).

I Think That I Shall Never See, A Sight As Lovely As A Brownie

Then the fun part.  You put two eggs into a heavy-duty Ziploc bag along with any other ingredients that your little heart desires (and are available) and smush them all together.

Feels Just Like, Well, Nevermind

And Everyone Gets Into The Act

A Discussion Of Technique

After everything is smushed together you put you bag into a pot of boiling water and let it just sit there for thirteen minutes.  Then you pull it out (the bag) and plop it onto a plate and:

Viola, An Omelette

Actually, that was Shirley and Valerie with the Omelette.  Viola couldn't make it.

And that is how you throw an egg party.  Plenty of eggs, plenty of Champagne and orange juice, and most importantly, plenty of friends.

The Most Important Ingredient

Of course after a few too many Mimosas strange things begin to happen.

Marge Decided To Read Her Imaginary Newspaper

Paul And Sharon Decided They Liked Firemen

And Allison, Well, She Just Stayed Allison

Just another egg party here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.  But really, you can have them anywhere, and they really are a lot of fun.  Just make sure you have an imaginary newspaper or two laying around.