Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My New Look

My neice, who has been hounding me to get a buzz cut for a year now, wasn't satisfied with the picture of me with my new haircut that I posted.  She wanted to see a side view.  So okay, Suzie, this is for you.

I am heading out fo my morning walk but will post again later with pictures of the new farmer's market they now have here every Saturday.

Oh yeah, several people asked about the pictures of the Super Bowl party and wondered what was with the cloth held over our faces. 

Relax, This Won't Hurt A Bit

It is a chloroform and nitrous oxide mixture. Very popular down here with the young folks.

NO NO!!! They are just giving us tequila slammers. Tequila and 7-up in a shot glass and slammed on the bar. It foams up and they pour it in your mouth and then shake your head. The cloth is to catch the overflow.

That chloroform and nitrous oxide mixture does sound like it might be fun, though.

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