Sunday, February 06, 2011

Good And Bad Changes

Ah yes, more changes here in Puerto Vallarta.  Some are, in my opinion, better than others.

A Good Change

I have never been a fan of Senor Frog's, a big generic barn of a place that you can find in just about every vacation place you can think of, from Cancun to Puerto Rico.  Maybe I would like it more if I was still in my teens and on spring break, but it has been a long time since I was in my teens and I could never afford to go on a spring break.  Call me crotchety.  Personally, I think their business model finally caught up with them.

Maybe Senor Frog's Was Wrong

But we found plenty of places that hadn't changed.  Cuate's Cuete's was one of them.  Another old-time beach-side place that still serves good food at reasonable prices.

An Old Favorite

Located right next to the old pier that three guys with a pick seem to be tearing down one chunk of cement at a time, it is the perfect place to have a beer and watch the world go by.

A Cold Beer On A Warm Day

And, as always, good food at very reasonable prices.

My Octopus Salad

Now, I don't know where they got this octopus, but I have been amazingly accurate in my ability to pick the outcome of soccer games since I ate it.  Poor Paul.

Another place that hasn't changed is La Palapa, easily the classiest restaurant on this stretch of Los Muertos.  And, because February 1st was another one of the Mysterious Chinese Woman's birthdays, we had dinner their to celebrate.

Ah, What A Cute Couple

Not only were the drinks and the meal delicious, as usual, the service was excellent as well. And the after-dinner flaming coffee drink presentation was as spectacular as well.

The Picture Doesn't Do The Flames Justice

Another favorite that remains the same is the fish lady on the beach right next to where we stay.  We stopped by the day after we arrived to say hello and ordered a whole red snapper for later in the week.  They won't even start to cook it until you arrive to make sure that you get it freshly cooked

About To Become Our Meal

And, believe me, it is worth waiting while they prepare it for you.

Beautifully Done, As Always

Certainly not the fanciest of places, but what can beat sitting right on the beach while eating your fish tacos and drinking a couple of cervezas.

Now This Is Living

And for anyone who thinks that Puerto Vallarta is getting a bit pricey, this meal, including the beers, was 160 pesos, or just a bit over thirteen bucks for the two of us.  Is there any question about why we have been going here for years?

Oh, back to changes,  This is one that I am not sure about, my Mexican haircut.



At least it will grow back.  I hope.

This afternoon I am off to watch the Superbowl and all I can say is IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE JETS PLAYING THE PACKERS!!! One yard on the ground in the first half and less than that in four downs on the one-yard line. But I am over it, really I am. No, I'm not.

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Splunge said...

I call this, anyone but the freaking Steelers. Job well done.