Monday, March 15, 2010

Beer Party Charter Member

I just want to send a shout-out to Michaela Shank, the first contributor to and charter member of the Beer Party

I am having my army of accountants and lawyers working around the clock trying to determine if the Beer Partyis, as Bob Dylan sang about in Ballad Of A Thin Man, one of those "tax deductible charitable organizations."

By the way, any lobbyists out there, please feel free to contact me. The Beer Partyhas no bars on lobbyist spending. In fact, Bar Man can often be found in lobby bars. The one in the Bowery Hotel is kind of a favorite.


Michaela said...


Is that, perchance, first and only? Not that I would mind...

Bar Man said...

Heh, I am just building my constituency.

First and, so far, only donor. I will give you that.

Shouldn't you be out campaigning or something?

Edie said...

I am Michaela's MooMa, and I'm posting to say how Proud of her I am for her enlightened activism!

Good luck with your party, and 'may the foam be with you'.