Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Omelet Party

Now don't get excited, this is not another grass-roots political party. This is just a party where everyone makes and eats omelets. We have one of these every year here in Puerto Vallarta when Sandy and Rico come to visit. It was Sandy who originally showed me how to make these ometlet-in-a-bag thingies so it is only right to have one of these partys while she is here.

Sandy Explaining The Basic Theory

Not everyone was quite as enthralled as Paul and Sharon.

Just Give Me My Meds

The Mysterious Chinese Woman gave a demonstration on proper bag management.

This Is A Bag

And, of course, it is extremely important that you mark your bag so you can identify your own, custom-designed omelet.

And This Is A Marker

Now, lest you think these are trivial topics, try using the wrong kind of bag and a non-permanent magic marker and see what happens. Be sure to make sure you use the bags that do not melt in boiling water.

Okay, We Got It

Of course an integral part of any omelet party are the Mimosas. They have great freshly squeezed orange juice here in Puerto Vallarta and there is a little stand just down the block from us. They also have some decent and inexpensive bubbly that is just perfect.

Bar Man In His Omelet Shirt

The Mysterious Chinese Woman Pouring One

Then you have to have a bunch of ingredients that you can put into your omelets. Chopped onions, crumbled bacon, fried up chorizo, chopped cheese, salsa and chopped green peppers are always good.

Your Basic Ingredients

Note the nicely formed finished omelet in the forground. That was for display purposes only, it was left-over from last year.

Some side dishes are always nice too. In this case we had fried potatoes.

Are They Done Yet?

Now, back to the omelets. You simply put two eggs into a bag (marked with your name) add whatever mix of ingredients you want, and gently squeeze until everything is mixed up.

Ooh, Squishy

Then you plop the bags into boiling water for about 12 minutes, take them out, open them, and roll the omelet out onto a plate.

It's A Miracle, Marge Exclaimed Eggcitedly

Well, not a miracle, but pretty darned neat.

Yum And Sharon Were Proud Of Their's As Well

And then you can soup it up with any additional condiments that you might like. My favorite is Martha's Original Recipe Chopotle Sauce. We also had a nice salsa.

Applying The Finishing Touches

As you can see, Wayne did manage to recover.

Of course a big part of any party is taking pictures. At our age it is the only way we can remember we were at a party. Come to think of it, it was kind of that way when I was younger, too.

Smile Everyone

Keep Smiling

Marcie is the best for taking pictures. I don't think she is ever without her camera. I should have had her along when I hit my 1000 bars. One of my biggest regrets is that I didn't even start taking pictures until around bar 500.

And then, after everyone made their omelets we just basically settled down and partied a bit.

Our Partying Is Mostly Done Sitting Down

Or Standing Around

Hey, you take your fun where you find it. We all had a good time and vowed to do it again next year. If we can remember.

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