Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Plank In The Platform

The Beer Party is proudly announcing its first plank in our platform. A plank we can all feel proud to walk

The repeal of all taxes, Federal, State and Local, on beer. This would also include all sales taxes which, hold onto your hat, run almost 9% in New York City.

The benefits of this are obvious. Of course, the most obvious benefit is cheaper beer. But think of the trickle-down effect. No, not that trickle-down effect, the economic trickle down effect

First, more money available to tip your friendly bartender who will, in turn have more money to tip his friendly bartender, who will, in turn..., well, you get the idea. Eventually there will be a bartender who won't go to a bar and will have more money to spend on other things, thereby stimulating the economy. This last part is strictly hypothetical, I must admit.

Second, How many of us make poor economic decisions after we have been drinking beer all day and/or all night. You know, like Hey, let's take a cab to Atlantic City, or something like that. Again, more money introduced into the economy can only spur its growth.

It has been estimated* that if prohibition were re-introduced to the United States the annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would actually be negative. Therefore, it stands to reason that if more drinking were to take place the annual GDP would be even higher than it is now. Sometimes it is the simple solutions to a problem that are often over-looked.

My next plank may have to do with reducing the legal age at which you can drink beer. Did you know that only the United States, Fiji, Pakistan (non-Muslims) Palau and Sri Lanka have a minimum drinking age of 21? Far and away, most of the world sets it at 18. In places like Germany, Portugual and Barbados it is only 16. Some countries, like Jamaica, have no minimum drinking age. Why should the United States, land of the free, have the most oppressive drinking laws.

We should all stand up, if we can, and be counted in our fight to..., well, whatever it was we were fighting for. As a proud member of the Beer Party rest assured that your voice will be heard. Perhaps not understood, but heard.

*That was Bar Man's estimate, made while drinking beer.

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