Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Revisited

Oooh!! What a day. Bar Man and St. Patrick's Day go together like, well, like Bar Man and St. Patrick's Day.

You saw some of the preparations for our party, mostly consisting of my tasting and refining the Green Apple Margaritas. But there is more to a St. Patrick's Day party than drinking, I think.

More Party Stuff

The cake and jello-shots were Marcie's contribution and, I must say, the jello-shots were the best I have ever had. Definetly not for the kids.

Early Arrivals, Bill, Marcie And The Mysterious Chinese Woman

Bar Man And Marcie Taking Our Medicine

Over The Lips

Through The Gums

Next to arrive were Wayne and Marge. Well, they arrived physically. Wayne, well, we are never sure about Wayne.

Wayne, It's Not Kansas

Wayne always comes around once he has had his medication, though.

Everything Is Better Now

Next To Show Up Were Paul And Sharon.

This next sequence of shots is best viewed in rapid succession or, better yet, not at all.

Bar Man Dances

Marge Was Less Than Impressed

Next to arrive at the party were Jim and Carol. Marge, of course, had to demonstrate my dance for them.

And Then, Carol, He Did This

Jim Had Seen It All Before

And, of course, what is a St. Patrick's Day Party without tattoos? Marcie, of course, came fully prepared.

Jim had the perfect canvas for our artwork.

It Won't Hurt A Bit

Well, Except For Your Dignity

Just Perfect

A Little Bit Of Medicine For The Pain

And then we all had to show off our tattoos.

This was a pre-Sweeny's party though so, eventually, we all had to roll out the door and on up to Sweeny's.

Heading On Up

Now, as many as you know, Sweeny's is one of my favorite drinking and eating places in Puerto Vallarta. Yeah, I know, it isn't even Mexican. But they do have good food at reasonable prices. Their pork chops are fantastic and I like their shrimp bowl. Not a shrimp cocktail, a whole lot of shrimp in a warm spicy clear liquid.

But Today Was Corned Beef And Cabbage

And Bar Man Was Pleased

Of course not everyone likes corned beef and cabbage, but Sweeny's had more to offer than just that.

Fantastic Shrimp

And, as you would expect, we all had a great time.

Party Hardy

We were having such a great time that a couple at the next table, Bob and Martha, decided to come over and join us. Marcie was quick to pounce with her tattoos.

Marie's Artwork On Martha

And Bob Too

Of course Marcie's heavy partying eventually caught up to her and Sweeny had her take a breath-test which, I am proud to say, she failed miserably.

Is It Supposed To Float When I Blow It Up?

Actually, we were all kind of floating at this time. But we finished up our meal and headed back to the beach where Kim Kuzma was giving another free concert. Marcie, hell-bent on tattooing everyone, could not be restrained.

Marcie Is A Party Pro

I just relaxed on the beach with my friend Gary and a bucket of beers (that I needed like a hole in my head) and took in the show.

Relaxing, Or Passing Out

After the concert I headed up to freshen up for our sunset finale on the pool deck. Luckily it was dark and I forgot my camera. Marcie probably has some pictures though and maybe I will get some from her.

The last several nights Venus (calm down, the planet) pops out right after the sun sets and then it too sets in about an hour or so. Quite a nice encore to the setting of the sun itself.

Today a bunch of us are heading to Bucerias, a little town to the north of Puerto Vallarta. The fun just never stops. I should have pictures of our trip tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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