Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Doing The Wave

As promised, some pictures of the unusual surf conditions we are experiencing this year.

Commuters In For A Rough Ride

The surfers were enjoying themselves.

Waiting For The Big One

You can see how high the waves are, and how far out from shore they are breaking. Most unusual.

Fly Little Birdie, Fly Away Home

The local fishermen were not deterred, however.

Here Fishie Fishie Fishie

And their hard work seemed to be paying off.

Proudly Displaying The Morning's Catch

I have never seen them catching fish like this in all the years I have been coming here. I believe these are mojarra tilapia, which would make for some very good eating.

My friend Chris is coming in from Minneapolis today and I expect he will be ready for some warm weather. I have been watching the storm system sweeping the eastern seaboard and it looks like New York City is getting hit this time around. Several airlines including Jet Blue and Continental have cancelled all of their flights and, of course, there are major delays with the flights that are still operating. They are running extra trains out of Manhattan starting at noon to allow people to get out of town with a minimum of fuss. I think this might last for several days.

I am glad I am here.

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russ said...

Hey, thanks! I got my pelican pictures and a pic of the fish they(the people, not the pelicans) were catching. Pelicans are cool birds. The ones we have up here are "huge" compared to yours. Big white floating battleships (almost). Of course they leave in the fall. They fly so efortlessly, like they're sitting down, and always in a straight line. Very slow wingbeat.
The fisherman was odd. Fish, but no tackle, or bait, that I could see.. I noticed in that first picture most of those fishing didn't have poles, so they must just use a hand line, Wondered what they use for bait? They didn't appear to have bait containers of any kind.Even just having something (a stringer) to keep ones catch on is problematic for me unless I bring one, but your fisherman had something. They must carry everything in their pockets? Oh well, I'd rather be wading and fishing than looking out he window at everything buried in snow, every day, for ever and ever. later,, russ