Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some By Land, A Few By Sea

The other day we held our annual Walter Krebb Memorial Walk. Walter was a regular here in Puerto Vallart for many years and loved to lead a fairly arduous nature walk from Boca de Tomatlan to Quimixto. Walter has passed away but the walk has lived on. I am not sure for how many more years though. It is, as I said, a fairly arduous walk.

My friend Dennis is much too old to endure such a hike so I, good buddy that I am, decided to take the water taxi with him to Quimixto to meet up with the group. The fact that it took me two days to recover from the walk last year had absolutely, I repeat, absolutely, nothing to do with my decision. The Mysterious Chinese Woman, who would have succumbed to insect bites if she hiked, and my buddy Chris also decided the water taxi was a good idea.

Our Taxi Arrives

We can catch the water taxi right from the pier that is next to Cuates y Cuetes and it is 140 pesos or a bit less than $10 for the ride.

Heading Out

Included in our trip, for free, was an up close view of a baby humpback whale who was joined by his mother. There have been plenty of sightings from shore but seeing them up close and personal is always a treat. Unfortunately the boat was too crowded and the sighting too short for me to be able to dig out my camera, inside a ziplock bag and tucked in my pocket, for a picture.

After a fun and bouncy ride we landed at Quimixto and our little group departed. The rest of the passengers were continuing on to Yelapa.

Bye Bye

There isn't a whole lot in Quimixto, but the beaches are quiet and uncrowded. Several day cruises stop here though and there is a fairly large restaurant to accomodate them.

Restaurant Signage Mexico Style

We bypassed the larger restaurants and even this small place that was tough to ignore. It was getting to be beer time.

Must Be Strong

The beach alternates between rocky and sandy and the birds seem to prefer the rocks.

Two Egrets On The Rocks, Please

And soon enough we arrived at a really small, almost non-existant restaurant that Walter somehow found years ago and to which we always return. A few chairs and tables on the beach with umbrellas and we were ready for our beers. After that rough sea-voyage and walk along the beach we really needed them.

Ahh, A Well-Deserved Cerveza

Soon the intrepid hikers joined us and somehow seemed less than impressed by what we considered to be an tortuous journey. The fact that they had to hike about four miles on fairly rough and up and down terrain may have made them a bit unsympathetic.

Dennis tried, with little success, to convince his girlfriend, Katherine, who did hike, how rough his trip was.

But Honey, The Pounding Seas, The Threat Of Pirates

Marcie and Bill took turns in the lone hammock resting their weary legs.

Me First

My Turn

Bill vowed never to do the hike again but his wife Marcie seemed up for another one. I guess the women really are the stronger sex.

Wading in the little estuary next to the restaurant was also a big hit.

Ahh, Feels Good

A whole herd of horses came down to drink and roll around in the water and sand. They were a bit too far away for me to get any pictures with my little shoot and click, but Katherine may have gotten some decent shots. If she lets me download a few I will post them.

There isn't much of a choice of food here, cheese tostados, fish fillets, and shrimp. I think we ate everything he had and I don't know if he gets too many customers other than us. I am sure most of the day-trippers never get to this part of the beach.

Settling In For Lunch

I had the fish fillet, el Dorado, and it was delicious. Simply prepared but very flavorful. Just a squeeze of fresh lime on top and that was plenty. A very generous portion as well.

We spent a couple of hours here eating, drinking cerveza, having a few shots of tequila and chatting. Then it was time to take another water taxi back to Boca de Tomatlan

Gathering At The Taxi Stand

Always A Few Stragglers

A Full Load

A relatively short trip by boat back to Boca, but it made you appreciate the trek that the more stalwart of our group had made. Of course, they pointed that out to us enough. They just didn't seem to appreciate how dangerous a long sea voyage can be.

And soon enough we were back at Boca, a nice enough day-trip in its own right, and only 6 pesos by bus from town.

The Beach At Boca

Just a bus ride home and our day was done. A mighty fine day it was too. I applaud those who actually did the hike, but think I will take the water route next year as well. After all, someone has to keep Dennis company.