Friday, February 20, 2009

Chris's Arrival

On Wednesday my friend Chris arrived in Puerto Vallarta. He will be staying with us for a week so this gives me another excuse for bad behavior. All in the name of "Showing him around." This, even though he has been here many times before.

I had a frozen ginger margarita waiting for him we he got to my place at around noon. Then we headed to Cuete Cuate's for lunch. I still had yesterday's bar on my brain so, for some reason, I thought it would be a fine idea to take him there.

Maybe Not Such A Great Idea

The Two Old Gringos

And, of course, I had to point out my favorite taco stand.

Posing For The Camera

Of course being so close to La Ballena Azul it just seemed somehow right to pop in there as well.

A Whale Of A Tale

Mexico, or at least Puerto Vallarata, has jumped on the no-smoking band wagon so unless you have a bar with good ventilation smoking is banned. There is no way you can say La Ballena Azul has good ventilation. I am not sure how rigidly they inforce the no-smoking regulation but the machine that sold the single cigarettes has been removed. Even La Gloria de Infierno had no-smoking signs posted.

Well, we weren't in there to smoke anyway.

One Or Two For The Road

We did make it back to the deck for sunset. Not too many people were there but Morris was. Although he didn't join us in the day's festivities he seemed to enjoy hearing about them.

Morris, Ready For His Close-UP

Morris didn't like the picture I originally posted, said it made him look terrible. I have oblinged him by posting a new picture that I took at last night's deck party. He does look much more dashing.

Now I don't want to give you the idea that all we do is hit the bars. The next day we actually took a nice little boat ride so we could drink on a remote beach.

Our Taxi Arriving To Pick Us Up

And today we are heading out to a rodeo, so stay tuned for more Puerto Vallarta adventures.

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