Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Romantic Evening

As has been usual of late, I am running a bit behind on my posts. Yesterday was a classic and, like the 60's, only partially remembered. Good tequila though so relatively clear-headed this morning. Much to the Mysterious Chinese Woman's chagrin, I might add. She seems to think I should suffer for what she perceives as my sins.

We all headed out to Cafe Bohemio for our Valentine's Day Dinner. This place always has good food and the owner, Sol Rose, is a stitch and a half. We wandered by about an hour before our reservations just to make sure we were all good-to-go and then headed next door for a pre-dinner libation. Although the sign indicates that it is a pizza place it is actually much more, a nice Italian restaurant that also serves good pizzas. The recently took out a couple of tables and threw in a sofa and a couple of chairs to create a nice outdoor space to enjoy a cocktail.

Ah, Romantico

And then back to Bohemio where the flamboyant Sol gave us his usual welcome.

Kisses, Everyone

I think he took a real shine to my friend Bill, but then we all do.

They had a Valentine's Day special cocktail that sounded good when it was described but tasted, to me, at least, like an overly-sweet Singapore Sling.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman Seemed To Like Her's

My friend Dennis, you can't take him anywhere, wasn't quite so enthusiastic.

You Call This A Drink?

The only reason we let him tag along with us is that we like his girlfriend, Katherine.

Her We Like

Bill and his wife Marcie won the cutest couple award.

And The Trophy Goes To

Bar Man and the Mysterious Chinese Woman came in second, but I think it was my fault. I am just not as cute as Bill

Second Place Goes To

Last Place Was A Given

Poor Katherine.

They had some Valentine's Day specials and I opted for the hanger steak. It was really good, flavorful and tender and served with a few shrimp to boot.

Decent Grunts

The Mysterious Chinese Woman opted for the whole red snapper. They were little, but you got two of them and she said they were quite good.

Succulent Snapper

It was verry apparent that she really did like them.

Good To The Bone

Katherine decided she would go into the souvenir business by making earrings out of the left overs.

Looks Great, Smells, Well...

Dessert was a refreshing ice cream and strawberry concoction that was a good end to the meal.

Dairy Queen Worthy

By the end of the evening it looked like Sol was already gearing up for Saint Patrick's Day.

I'm A Little Leprecaun, Yes I Am

I told Sol I was a bit disappointed that he didn't have little heart-shaped meatloafs on the menu and he said "What a great idea, maybe next year."

For those of you who may never make it to Puerto Vallarta or Cafe Bohemio, you can have the virtual experience of having Sol, complete with songs, show you how to make his signature dish by clicking his picture below.

Don't laugh so hard you cut yourself.