Wednesday, February 18, 2009

La Gloria de Infierno

Ah, one of my favorite, relatively undiscovered, places in Puerto Vallarta. And with a name like La Gloria de Infierno (The Glory of Hell) how could it not be. This is the place that is on a corner just two blocks from Rizo's, the big supermarket on the river. I bet thousands of tourists have passed it by on their way back from doing a bit of shopping. I bet I am one of the few to ever step inside. I have never seen a non-Mexican other than me and whoever came in with in here.

It is easy to see why. It looks, for all the world, like someplace that has been closed for years. The truth of the matter is I have never been by when it hasn't been open.

La Gloria de Infierno's Main Entrance Side

The Less Conspicuous Side

The give-away is the music blaring from inside and, very rarely, someone entering or leaving through these inviting swinging doors.

Do Step Inside

This is where I took everyone after Pipi's, something I am sure they were all overjoyed with. Well, I think Dennis and Katherine enjoyed themselves.


I have been popping in here for a number of years so I am no longer a novelty.

The Regulars

Nobody seems to pay us much mind except the occasional borracho who might wander in our direction trying to cage a free drink before being intercepted by the watchful proprietor. One of the patrons did ask us why we came here though. I said "Where, Puerto Vallarta?" He laughed and said "No, this place." I said I liked the ambience, which provoked more laughter.

We always get good service and they always set out a plate of peanuts or something for us to nibble on.

My friends were taking a lot of pictures so I didn't take many myself, not exactly the kind of place where taking a lot of pictures seems appropriate. Although nobody really seems to mind.

Just across the street from here is one of my favorite taco stands too. You can get loaded in La Gloria de Infierno and walk a few steps to get some really good local food.

My Favorite Taco Place

And just up the street two blocks is the infamous Azul Ballena which I have written about before and will assuredly write about again. A great place to stop for your after taco drink. You can have a hell of a night on the town for about ten bucks. Well, a good night for ten bucks, a great night for twenty.

We passed on the tacos and Azul Ballena but Dennis, Katherine, Bar Man, and the Mysterious Chinese Woman did stop at Sweeny's on the way home.

Never Say Die

All and all a very memorable, for the most part, day.

Oh, there was a loud explosion on the street in front of our place yesterday and the electicity in our part of town went out. I couldn't make my deviled eggs and the pool party was postponed until Friday. Someone came out about five hours later and poked at the transformer that had emitted the bang with a long stick, some major sparking took place, and the electricity came back on.

My friend Chris is about to arrive so I must make some frozen margaritas to welcome him. I made a simple syrup mixture with lime juice and ginger and just a bit of adobe sauce to give it a bit of a bit. We shall see how it all turns out.

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