Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Rhymes With Orange?

I had plenty of leftover hash from last night so I figured hash and eggs would be a good way to start this surprisingly chilly morning.

Minimal Ingredients

Easy enough to prepare, just put the hash in the frying pan and crack a couple of eggs on top.

Hash And Raw Eggs

I used the old putting the cover over the pan trick again to cook the eggs and heat the hash all the way through.

So Easy

On the plate it was just like having breakfast in my local diner. Well, minus the wise-cracking waitress and the English muffin.

Not Bad For At Home

Lunch was just another peanut butter and banana sandwich.

The Usually Usual

Tonight was going to be a chicken night, but I felt like doing something a bit different.

An Orange Chicken

First thing I did was just get a little zest off one of the oranges.

Adding A Bit Of Zest To My Life

Then I juiced the two oranges.

Doing It By Hand

Then I just added the juice to the container with the zest. Gosh, isn't this interesting. Kind of reminds me of chemistry class. And, I diced up the garlic too.

Preparing The Chicken Bath

I threw the garlic into the juice and then sliced up some ginger. I stuck the ginger in the microwave for about thirty seconds just to soften it up a bit and let the flavor seep out better.

The Ginger Is Ready To Go

And Everything Into The Bath Water

And The Chicken Taking The Plunge

I let the chicken marinate in the refrigerator and then got to thinking that maybe I should add a bit more orange flavor.

I Squeezed Another Orange

I stirred in some salt and then loaded up my syringe.

This Won't Hurt A Bit

After injecting the chicken I let it sit for a bit and then put it in the frying pan with a bit of olive oil.

Skin Side Down

While the chicken was frying I also put on the rice.

Rice In A Pot Of Water, Wow!

And I threw a serving of my frozen mixed vegetables into a little pot to boil away for about ten minutes.

See The Above Caption - Substitute Veggies For Rice

The Chicken Crisped Up Nicely

Again, I always hate to let the drippings of anything go to waste. When I make rice I will always stir it into the drippings of whatever else I have cooked (well, not fish) to give it some additional flavor and a nice brown color.

Rice With Some Flavor

When all was said and done I again had a very respectable dinner.

Eating Cheaply Doesn't Mean Not Eating Well

Tomorrow will probably just be leftovers, I do have to get rid of them. Not that I have a lot of leftovers, I have planned things pretty carefully. Probably the last of the chili for lunch and the last of the pea soup for dinner. I am saving my steak for Friday.

I see where the Yankees, apparently embarrassed by the empty seats behind home plate, have reduced the price of the tickets, by 50% for some seats, down to a mere $1,,250 from the original $2,500. I guess if you can afford to sit in those seats the price of the beer probably won't be an issue.