Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fishermen's Swill, Dark And Dank

In preparation for the end of my austerity diet, that really wasn't that austere, except for one thing COFFEE, I ordered a bunch of beans from my sister-in-law who runs the Left Bank Cafe in Slayton, Minnesota. I asked her for six pounds of blends on the robust side, and she didn't let me down. I received a pound each of Charlie's Charge, Rusty Nail, Truffle Blend, Aw Nutz, East Timor, and Left Bank Hammer. I am looking forward to sampling, make that slurping, them all.

I also asked her to send me a pound of ground coffee for me to bring up to The Opener in Minnesota when I will be hanging out with a bunch of my buddies for a looong weekend.

She Outdid Herself

I guarantee you nobody else will be drinking this.

Fishermen's Swill, Dark And Dank

Believe me, we need something Dark and Dank in the morning, something that can stand up to that breakfast glass of Manishevitz Heavy Maluga and the smell of unwashed men in a small cabin. Well, to be honest, most of us will shower later on, but the mornings are still pretty ripe.

If you want to try some very good coffee, and you can pretty much custom blend your own from the Left Bank Cafe website, just click the picture below: