Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday Chow Down

No baskets of Easter eggs today, in fact no eggs at all. I just had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast with my usual raisins and dried bananas.

Easter Oatmeal

I didn't have the traditional ham dinner, but I did have plenty of pork.

Lots Of Leftovers

I guess if you kind of turned the pig around you could say I had a front ham.

Just Turn The Pig Around

I just lopped of a few slices to make myself a sandwich.

Slices, I Had A Few, But Not T00 Many

I made some toast, heated the pork in the microwave, and slathered on some mustard.

Looking Good

The next step was the tricky one, I had to put the top piece of toast on the bottom part of the sandwich. Now you will notice that if I just flopped the top piece down it wouldn't line up right. I actually had to rotate the top piece of toast 180 degrees before it would match up.

I Diagrammed It First

I had taken one of the "steaks" out of the freezer last night so that it could thaw in the refrigerator. I figured I would have it with a potato and some leftover spinach.

The Dinner Fixin's

I wasn't going to do anything special with the steak, just fry it up and see how it came out. I browned both sides and then fried it over a medium heat until it was medium rare. You can tell by poking it. If you put your thumb and middle finger together a medium-rare piece of meat will feel the same as if you poke the base of your thumb.

Put your thumb and first finger together and poke and that would be a rare piece of meat. Ring finger and thumb, medium. Little finger and thumb, well-done. Try it, you will see.

Nicely Browned

I microwaved the potato and then sliced about two-thirds of it to make fried potatoes. I decided to slice up half an onion and threw that into the pan as well.

Making The Fried Potatoes

I stuck the spinach into the microwave for a minute or so and then plated everything.

A Nice Dinner

Here is how the steak came out, medium-rare, just the way I wanted it.

Just Perfect

I wanted to fix it this way just to see how it would be. It wasn't as tender as a rib eye, my favorite cut of beef, but it was plenty good. Not nearly as tough as thought it would be, and quite flavorful. I will probably fix the rest of them the same way unless I thing of something else. Maybe I will cut one of them up and make a batch of chili. I think I can afford some chili powder.

I ate as much as I wanted and still had enough leftover steak either for dinner tomorrow or one heck of a steak sandwich for lunch.

My Leftover Steak

I still have a couple of chicken legs left, and with all of the leftover pork shoulder and the beef that I have in the freezer there is no way that I will need to buy any additional meat this month. I am in pretty good shape with my eggs too, so as far as protein goes I am pretty well fixed. My next purchases will probably be some more peanut butter and bananas, a few of cans of tomato sauce (lots of pasta left), and some chili powder. Oh yeah, and another bag of onions and maybe some more garlic.

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