Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Why, Oh Why!!!

Why, when people write reviews of bars or bar guides, don't they include the hours of operation. Now I know that I don't do this either, but then I am not really writing either a review or a guide. You can't imagine how frustrating it is to be heading out at around noon and not know if a bar that you have your eye on is going to be open or doesn't open until later in the day.


Peter Fleming said...

I like the graphics you've been adding to the blog. You're in the home stretch, yet you're getting more and more fancy.

What will you do with your time in'06???? Has anyone yet made a play for you as an NYC Bar Tourism representative???

josh williams said...

My suggestion is that you go to Ireland and visit, (this is all sponsored of course, St. James Gate ?) and have yourself with the mysterious Chinese woman escorted around Eire its sites and in the late afternoon evenings its pubs.Shoot a documentary in the Michael Palin style.
Eire is Tax friendly to US companys and they love the Yanks. On a side note the beer is....Gaw! The beer is ...hmmm...PERFECT! On another side note I have a good eye with the camera and if you needed I would volunteer to help you on your trip, take pictures, tip the pints, I'd even give you my portion of blood sausage! Think about it, you have proved yourself in 05 now is the time to cash in and if I can help in this matter let me know! Great read and I am also noticing your site is becoming more professional and you write with more confidence.I give it a five thumbs up! (thems a lot of thumbs) Peace Trails JW

Rochester Bar Man said...

I sympathize about the bar times. I suppose you could call ahead but some places are unlisted. At any rate I generally don't think much of a bar that's not open during the day. All "true" bars should be open by noon at the latest.
As for life after 1000 bars, I've no doubt you could parlay this into a paying enterprise - taking people on pub crawls for a price. Unless you think that would not be in the proper spirit of camaraderie that barflies share.

Anonymous said...