Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Now Don't Forget!!!

Just a final reminder, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday The Brazen Head will be having another one of their Cask Festivals.

Be There Or Be Elsewhere

And The Brazen Head is not just for Cask Festivals.  Stop in one afternoon for their award winning happy hour.  They always have a decent selection of beers and usually have one or two cask ales available.

A Dollar Saved Is A Dollar, Well, Saved

You Could Do Worse Than To Stop In Here

I don't know if the offer still holds, but at one time if you bought a beer you could get the free services of a Notary Public.  Me, I would prefer free popcorn.

Now, if you really can't make it to Brooklyn and find the Lower East Side more to your liking, may I recommend an alternative to The Brazen Head's Cask Festival.

Zum Schneider is having a May Day celebration on Saturday that will include a pig roast, an oompah band and a special selection of Maibock beers.

Be Sure To Wear Your Lederhosen

You can find Zum Schneider at the corner of Avenue C and 7th Street on the island just to the west of the island that I live on. Ah yes, the laid back island life of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Fishing boats bobbing in the bay, the smell of jerk pork and chicken wafting in the wind, shots of rum for a quarter..., oh wait, wrong islands.

And speaking of islands (another sublime seque) Ruby's at Coney Island has had their lease renewed for yet one more year. As you probably know, Ruby's is one of my favorite seaside dive bars in the whole wide world.

Now, with all of this going on there is no reason to just sit at home and help with the housework.

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