Friday, November 19, 2010

More Random Musings

So, with the whole world facing an economic downturn, Europe elects to implement unpopular austerity programs while the United States decides to try to spend its way out of the problem.  I wonder which will prove to be the most successful?

I wonder how many people who lost their entire investment in GM when they declared bankruptcy are rushing in to buy their stock now?

I love Charlie Rangel saying that nothing that he did was for his own personal gain.  I guess not paying taxes on his rental income in the Dominican Republic must have benefitted someone else.  And who among us hasn't just kind of forgotten about $600,000 in assets.  I don't know who his accountants are, but even TurboTax would have caught those "oversights."

Does Derek Jeter really think he is worth $20 million a year for the next five years?  Let's see, he is 36 now, batted .270 last year and knocked in just 67 runs.  I wonder how he will be doing when he is 41.

And where is Starbury now that the Knicks could really use him.  Maybe Isiah will bring him back after Dolan throws Walsh under the bus.  Starbury probably thinks he is worth $20 million a year for the next five years too.

Rusty Nails, straight-up, are a very underrated drink.  Three parts Scotch and one part Drambuie.  A lemon twist garnish if you chose.  For some reason they used to serve these with hazel nuts when I was younger, but I haven't seen that in years.  Yesterday I had a pre-dinner Rob Roy (a Manhattan made with Scotch) and a post-dinner Rusty Nail.  Well, two Rusty Nails.  Kind of perfect book-ends to a nice meal.

I am still depressed just thinking about Coney Island without Ruby's.

Just bought and installed a 55" Samsung LED TV and now my living room (heh, I live in a one bedroom co-op so living room is kind of a misnomer) looks kind of like a cross between a sports bar and an airport lounge.  That isn't a bad thing.  The Mysterious Chinese Woman refused to dress like a cocktail waitress, though.

I subscribed to Hulu and am very disappointed by the number of ads they insert.  On the other hand, I am now caught up in Babel II.

Netflix instant play, however, is uber.  Now I can watch "Rocky Horror Picture Show" anytime I want.  And the quality is suburb.  And all three of "The Girl..." movies are available.  I watched "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and it was excellent.  I suspect the new one won't be nearly as good.

Be sure to check out Annie Lenox's new Christmas album, "A Christmas Cornucopia."  And to think that when I was first introduced to the Eurythmics I don't even think CDs were available.

Does anyone remember Optical Disks?

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