Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mini Bar Trek Part Deux

First, I must get this off my chest. Perhaps no surprise to anyone except all of the pundits who thought Bret Favre was going to be the savior of the Jets, he has, drum roll please, announced he is retiring, again. Boy, did the Jets ever get a deal. Let a quarterback who got them into the play-offs three times go to Miami where he then gets the Dolphins, our arch-enemies, into the play-offs so we can get one year out of an aging ex-Green Bay quarterback. A quarterback who falls apart at the end of the season and ends up losing to Miami in the last game of the season to keep the Jets out of the playoffs and put Miami into them.

Okay, I am better now. Thank you Betsy for emailng me the link to ESPN's breaking news on this topic that is so dear to my heart.

Back to Mexico and bars, a much more enjoyable topic.

After our beers in Harry's we headed to another new place, Dick's Halfway Inn Bar & Grill. Their teeshirts, Dick's Halfway Inn and I Love Dicks (note the lack of an apostrophe) have created quite a stir, prompting a few letters to the editor of both the PVMirror and the PVTribune. Funny though, the Master Baiters tee shirts don't seem to bother anyone.

Dick's Halfway Inn

Dick's is another new bar in an old place. This was formerly Maguelito's, also knows as the Treehouse because it is built around a large tree. Another place that I visited back in 2005 when doing my thousand bars.

280) Maguelito's

We walked across the street and caught the "right" bus back into town. On the way back to our place from the bus stop we passed this fairly nice place. It is also known as the Treehouse because it is a two story affair built kind of around a large tree. It is pretty much right across the street from Steve's. It has a dark wood bar fronted by bamboo. The stools are also nicely padded. The back of the place has wooden plank floors and the front has mexican tiles.

There was some interesting artwork on the walls that looked to be made out of a combination of leather and rope (the artwork, not the walls). The walls were bright red and there were shelves with old books and other assorted stuff on the walls. There was a dart board on one wall, but given its proximity to the bar and tables, I am not sure if it is used very often. There is a nice waterfall in the entrance and you cross over a little wooden bridge to enter.

They had Corona on draft here, but only one, it seemed. I managed to run the keg dry.

Ayn, Pulling The Last Draft

We asked if we could sit upstairs and she was nice enough to let us, even though it wasn't open yet. That took a fair amount of trust because there was a fully stocked bar, completely unguarded. In my younger days they probably would have been one bottle of tequila short before I left.

The Gang On The Deck

We were getting a bit hungry so we decided to eat here. They didn't have a real fancy menu, but we weren't in a fancy mood. The Mysterious Chinese Woman had a fish sandwich of some sort that she said was quite good. The rest of us had hamburgers. I had their hamburger with a bourbon barbecue sauce, made with Jack Daniels. A bit of irony there because Jack Daniels is not a bourbon. The hamburger was very good, though.

After finishing up we then headed around the block to the place I was looking for in the hills the other day:

Bar Del Puerto

Now this is a bit of a hole-in-the wall. Really narrow and easy to miss if you didn't see the sign, which luckily is fairly easy to spot.

An Easy To Spot Sign
There were a few people at the small bar but enough room left for me to belly up and get a beer and a shot of tequila. The rest of the crowd kind of hung back and sat at a table well I chatted with Pedro, the bartender who is also, I believe, the owner.
Bar Man And Pedro
Pedro was a friendly and interesting fellow and I could easily see where this would be a neat place to hang out. A bit off the beaten track and not too crowded, even though five people pretty much fills up the bar.
Pedro isn't the one who actually runs that Pub Crawl I was trying to find out about. I guess I will have to check back and see if I can run into the woman who does. If not, I think I can pretty much run my own. It would be interesting, though, to see someone else's bar selection.
I didn't check out the menu here, but from the looks of it they might serve food. At least there were a few tables in the back between the bar and the pool table.
The Long View
This was our last stop before toddling off home to either hit the beach or the pool. Another place that I will, in all liklihood, hit again.
It was a fun afternoon and everyone said we should do something similar in the near future. Well, you don't have to twist my arm.