Saturday, August 02, 2008

Art, Or Scaffolding

Just a quick interlude before I post about my last day in Rome. You may remember that I had posted about the "Waterfalls" installation that was getting rave reviews. You may also remember that I was less than impressed saying that it pretty much just looked like scaffolding with water pouring off the top. I also said that the $16 million price tag struck me as being nothing short of ludicrous. Well, it has become even more so.

Yesterday the Mysterious Chinese Woman and I headed over to Staten Island for a baseball game (more on that in another post). It was a lovely Friday afternoon, just perfect for a ride on the Staten Island Ferry. This is a great free ride with beautiful views of downtown Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and Governor's Island where one of the "Waterfalls" is installed. Well, guess what, the water is no longer running. Whether this is temporary due to a problem of some sort I really cannot say. Hey, for only $4 million per "Waterfall" what do you expect?

How Lovely, Scaffolding

Interestingly, or not, although there was all kinds of hoopla when the water was turned on, I haven't seen anything about why this one is no longer running. I will go check out the other "Waterfalls" today to see if they are still operating.

Gosh, I certainly hope the tourists coming to see these "Waterfalls" who were supposed to pump another $55 million into the local economy aren't too disappointed.

Addendum - Today all "Waterfalls" are operating, pictures to follow shortly.

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Beverley said...

I am very impressed with your journey. So many interesting places, people and cultures that you had an opportunity with see and interact with.

I would love to go round the world and taste world cuisines.