Friday, June 06, 2008

On Vacation

The Mysterious Chinese Woman, a Mysterious Chinese Sister, and myself will be heading to Paris tomorrow, and then on to Rome. I don't think I will be bringing my laptop with me so there may not be any new posts until I return. On the bright side, once I return I should have enough material for a bunch of interesting posts.

I might try to put something up from an internet cafe, and maybe I will be able to upload pictures. We shall see.

Because we will be in Paris tomorrow we decided to get an early start had dinner at Bar Tabac, my favorite neighborhood bistro, to get into the mood. We fly to Madrid where we change planes. I don't know what the restaurants in the airport are like. Some airports, including the one in Minneapolis, have dynamite restaurants. I really liked Madrid when I was there so a nice Spanish breakfast while we are waiting for our connecting flight would be good.

Also not sure what clearing customs is like as you travel through Europe these days. I don't really remember from the last time I was there. We shall see.

Anyway, please excuse the hiatus, I will try to post if I can, but for sure I will start posting again as soon as I get back. I would tell you when that would be but then you wouldn't keep checking and my hit count would go down and I will never appear on David Letterman. We can't have that, now can we?


Unknown said...

hey, I just wanted to wish you a very nice trip! your blog is very friendly :)))) If you go to Rome, try this .
I was recently here with my love and we were totally amazed by the service. have a nice trip!

Claire V.

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