Saturday, January 19, 2008

An Old Friend

I opened up the Daily News the other day and lo and behold, there was a picture of an old friend of mine, Larry McShane. He is now writing for the New York Daily News and, I guess because he is new, they sent him to Green Bay to cover Sunday's game with the Giants. Actually, that is a pretty good gig if you are a Giants fan, and I do believe he is. All he has to do is keep warm and avoid wearing one of those cheese-head hats.

Larry With Appropriate Head Gear

I met Larry when he covered bar number 500 at The Gate in Brooklyn. He also covered bar number 1000 at The Frontier and he showed up at a few of the other places I visited as well. Siberia in Manhattan where I did a guest bartender gig and Duff's, number 750, in Williamsburg I remember well. He wore a little less appropriate head covering at Duff's.

Larry With Alternative Head Gear

Well, actually, it was appropriate for that occasion, now that I think about it.

Larry is a very good writer, in my opinion, and I look forward to reading him more often now that he is writing for my favorite New York newspaper (they have three pages of comics).

Oh, and one final shot of Larry in yet another head covering.

A Man Who Can Wear Many Hats

But please, oh please, never this one:

Uggh, Please, No!!!

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