Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Greetings From The Swamp Restaurant

Some fans of my blog from The Swamp Restaurant in Gainesville, Florida sent me one of their tee-shirts. Bar Man just loves tee-shirts and will gladly post a picture of any tee-shirt he receives. Bar Man has no shame.

The Swamp Restaurant is located right across from the University of Florida (known, affectionately, as The Swamp). Sports Illustrated recently ranked it the eighth best sports bar in the nation.

  • The Swamp Restaurant

  • Thanks so much for the tee-shirt, I think it makes me look much slimmer, or at least much slimmer than I look when I am naked. Bar Man will not be posting any of those pictures, however. And the Mysterious Chinese Woman has ruled out my idea of a web-cam.


    ballmatic said...

    Wow, I live in Gainesville! Good to see the Swamp coming through!

    josh williams said...

    Of the demonstrably wise there are but two: those who commit suicide, & those who keep their reasoning faculties atrophied with drink.
    - Notebook #42, 1898 Mark Twain

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    Anonymous said...

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