Wednesday, January 26, 2005


DUMBO is a new neighborhood being carved out of what was an area of just about nothing but warehouses. DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge Overpasses. or something like that. All up-and-coming neighborhoods have to have an acronym of some kind. Doesn't make much sense though. Anyway, it was a fairly nice day when I started out so I walked down to the neighborhood.

118) Pedro's

This place is on Jay Street and Front Street. It is, I reckon, just outside of the now upscale DUMBO area. It kind of has to be seen to be believed and you might want to get their soon. The way some of the old classics like Between The Bridges get demolished, it wouldn't surprise me to see this one go under too.

It is a classic dive place not unlike something you would see in Mexico. In fact, I was the only gringo in the place. Of course there was just me, the staff, and two customers. The place has a dark bar and a few tables. They serve decent food at reasonable prices out of a steam-table type of affair. Cuban sandwiches, nachos, that type of stuff. The place has a great mural on the wall outside and during the summer you can sit out on their porch.

The beers are only $2.oo and they have music at night.

I had a Corona

119) Superfine

This place is just down the block from Porfirio's and pretty clearly delineates the old neighborhood from the new. This is one of the newer and more trendy bars in the neighborhood. It is in a former warehouse and is fairly large and cavernous. It is decorated nicely though so it doesn't feel cold. There is a nice bar and a bright orange pool table off to and above the bar a bit. Neat pictures and art on the walls (DUMBO is known for its galleries) and a judicious use of flashing Christmas type lights give the place an interesting feel. Reggae on the sound system.

I had a Brooklyn Porter

120) Pete's

This place, on Old Fulton and Water Street is right across the street (just about) from the East River and has a nice view of the river and Manhattan from the set of windows facing that direction. It has been around since 1894 so it is a classic old Italian restaurant. It has a nice bar and was already decorated for Valentines Day. For some inexplicable reason they were playing country-western on the sound system.

I had a Makers Mark Manhattan and headed back in the direction of home.

121) La Traviati

Got to Montague Street and decided to hit one last bar (and one of the last bars on that street left to hit) before I went home. This place is on the other side of Armando's and this was my first time in the place.

It is a nice Italian restaurant that, for some reason, displays pictures of what appears to be Parisian street life and cafe scenes on the walls. It does have a nice little bar though and they still had their Christmas tree on display on their patio.

I had a glass of chianti and called it a day.

Only 879 left to go.


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