Thursday, January 27, 2005

A Long Walk In The Cold

It was another bitterly cold day and I decided I would try to find a place that I had not been able to find the night that my friends came over, Frank's Cocktail Lounge. It was a long and cold walk.

122) Junior's

Just up the same mall where I had my drink at TGIFs, and then a bit to the left. Known more for their cheese cakes, Junior's also sports a very nice bar stuck in the middle of a large cafeteria seating area. Junior's, besides their cheese cakes, has a very nice restuarant, just try their corned-beef sandwich on rye one time.

The bar is a nice sized horseshoe shaped affair and they had peanuts, pretzle-nuggets, and corn-chips and salza on the bar.

I had a bottle of Guiness Stout (don't usually see it in bottles, but Junior's has no draft beers).

123) Mooney's

After walking for a long ways I finally came upon Monney's at 353 Flatbush Avenue. Believe me, I walked a long bit, all the way to the Army Plaza subway station. But because it was a bitterly cold, but sunny day I actually, in a perverse sort of way, enjoyed myself.

This is a real classic divey Irish pub. I know it gets to sound like a cliche, but what can I say. Three old black guys at one end of the bar watching The Lonesome Dove on the television in front, and a staggering guy at the other end shouting on CCN on the televison their. Everyone was pleasant tough, and the bartendress was a lovely Irish lass.

I had a bandy and 7-up.

124) Chocolate Monkey

Just a bit closer to home on Flatbush I ran across the Chocolate Monkey. A relatively new place that is just starting to open for lunch. I am still running across too many places that don't open until 4:00 P.M. or 5:00 P.M. They are standing in the way of my progress.

This place was a combination of brick and yellow plastered walls. Friendly bartendress and a small room in the back with a pool table. Neat place and I would certainly go again.

I had a Meyer's and Coke.

125) City Lighting

Just down the street was this place. New and built into a space formerly occupied by a hardware store. It is a decent looking place with interesting lighting hung about. Only seems fitting given the name of the place.

Not sure if it was quite open yet because the guy behind the bar didn't know how to make a Maker's Mark Manhatten so I didn't get one.

I had another Meyers and Coke. And it was a stiff one.

126) Frank's Cocktail Lounge

Finally found the place I was looking for. If you ever saw a street map of this area you would know how easy it is to get confused. The place was not quite open but I had been there before and when I asked if I could just get a drink I was ushered in.

This is another of the old classics that you hope will neve go away. Small, but cozy intimate in a way that most places aren't. A very mixed crowd later at night and everyone feels welcome.

This man knew what I was asking for so I had a Maker's Mark Manhatten.

127) Bacchus

Heading home along Atlantic Avenue I kept my open for one I hoped would be open and, lo and behold, it was. Bacchus, despite the name and the grape vines and wine press featured in front, is not a place of Roman debauchery but, instead, a French bistro type of place. Quite small with a tiny bar it is, nonetheless, an neat place to sit and have a glass of wine. The guy sitting next to me was the owner of Tabac (see a previous post) so you know this is a fairly tightly woven French community we have here. Adds to the whole international flavor of the neighborhood. Got to love it.

I had a glass of Bordeaux and an espresso and made my home through the bitterly cold wind.

Facing the howling winds I managed to exceed even my own expectations and hit six bars today reducing the number left to visit to a mere 873.


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