Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Sloppy Stroll

The weather was warm, the sun was out, it was sloppy as hell. All of the snow we had gotten the past few days had started to melt so the streets, and some unshoveled sidewalks, were full of slush. Nonetheless, it was a pleasant enough day so I went for a bit of a walk.

112) Sonny's

This place at 305 Smith Street is a bit further up then most of the other bars and restaurants on a street now known as Restaurant Row. More of a dinner with a small, light colored bar. This whole place is quite light with a large window in front. Interesting paintings on the wall that somehow conveyed the feeling of the 1940's. All Beatles all the time on the sound system. At least for today. They have a large outdoor patio in front of the place (it is on a corner) but the weather wasn't quite right for enjoying it.

I passed on their house brew and had a draft Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

113) MeKong

I headed over to 5th Avenue in Park Slope and came upon MeKong. This is a nice Vietnamese bar and restaurant. It has a nice dark bar with large bulbed lights hanging overhead. The walls are orange and there are pictures of Indochina/Vietnam circa 40's and 50's I would guess.

There were tables about and a nice comfortable seating area in front with a sofa and coffee table. The staff was primarily Vietnamese but the bartender was not, although he appeared to speak it fluently. A little girl was running around so I guess this is a family place. I had some spring-rolls at the bar and they were some of the best I have ever had.

I had a draft Kronenbourg 1664

114) Lighthouse Tavern

Just down the street was this pleasant neighborhood type of bar. It had a long, dark bar and a decent beer selection. There was a little outside area and a back-room with couches and a coffee table and a pool table off to the side. There was also a dart board and a table piled with board games. Looks like it would be a very comfortable place to sit for awhile and maybe play parcheesi with friends.

I had a Blue Point Winter Ale

115) Moutard

This is a fairly large French restaurant on the corner of 5th and Carroll Street. It has a nice zinc colored (not sure if it really zinc though) bar up front and a good sized dining area in the back and tables along the walls. Decorated with ceramic mustard jars and a nice mosaic floor. Captures the feel of an upscaled French Bistro. I have eaten here in the past and found the food and service to be worth the visit.

They were out of sambuca so I had a Giuliano and espresso

116) Fashion Cafe

This is an interesting place on Flatbush Avenue between Atlantic and 5th. It was pretty dead when I was there, about 3:30 P.M. but looks like it could be quite packed at night. The did have the posts out front for velvet ropes so who knows.

The decor is a bit hard to describe, pictures of fashion models on the wall and headless torsos decked with fashionable clothing strewn about the place. The bar was nice and the guy behind the bar, who wasn't really a bartender but was filling in until the real one showed up, made a credible drink.

I had a Maker's Mark Manhattan

117) Brooklyn Tavern

This place is just off Atlantic Avenue on 3rd Avenue, kind of around the corner from Hank's which I have written about earlier. It is a nice, dark place that has a fairly large garden area behind the place. Again, a bit too cold to enjoy it today but worth a visit in the summer.

I asked the bartender to make me something warm and she did.

I had a hot toddy made with brandy and it hit the spot and sent me on the way home with a nice glow.

Moving along, 883 to go.


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