Friday, March 09, 2012

Tearing Up Puerto Vallarta

Okay, this first picture has nothing to do with tearing up Puerto Vallarta. The first picture is for my friend Rico, who will be arriving here tomorrow. He has been worried that he won't be able to be properly entertained now that Junior's has closed down. I wanted to assure him that there were still reputable places, or at least places, where he can find what he wants.

Mi Fantasia

There is a big convention of travel agents and their ilk coming to Puerto Vallarta at the end of March. This is the first time that the convention will be held here so the city is doing everything possible to put on its best face - widening sidewalks, burying utility lines, and who knows what else. Oh yeah, putting in those wiggly designs in the sidewalks.

Of course in doing so they are totally disrupting this year's tourist season. The streets are full of dust, you can't eat at, or even get to, many of the outdoor restaurants. Friends and I had to leave a bar the other day because the sound of the jackhammers on the street below was just unbearable. Everyone from the tourists to the merchants are complaining. The convention starts March 24th so maybe they will be finished with all of this work a few days before I leave. They just have a bit over two weeks to do it, though.

No further comment is necessary, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. And keep in mind, this is just a fraction of what is going on.

I am sure that next year the city will be beautiful. Unless they plan on putting everything back the way it was once the convention is over.


dennissylvesterhurd said...

Love seeing the pics though. Can I request views after they're done as well?

Bar Man said...

If they finish everything up by the time I leave, which they are supposed to do, I will post the after pictures.

Unknown said...

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