Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I Like Ike's

It is true, I haven't posted for awhile. Mostly just laziness and I will get back to my more regular posting soon. I still have some catch up to do with my trip to Russia. Man, that seems like it was ages ago. And I have some stuff from my trip to Minnesota, although not too much. And a few pictures of the Atlantic Antic.

Sad news, though. After my return from Minnesota I popped into Pete's Waterfront Ale House to chat with my good friend and the world's friendliest bartender, Gaid, only to find out that he and Pete's have parted ways. I haven't seen him since, although I know a few places to look.

My regular Friday and Saturday sessions at Pete's just won't be the same.

On a bit of a more upbeat note, here is one for the amazing coincidences file. On the way back home from my trip to Minnesota, where I visited friends not only in Minneapolis but also International Falls, Virginia, and Ely, I stopped in at Ike's in the Minneapolis airport for a pre-flight libation and meal.  I love this place and think it is one of the best airport restaurants I have ever been in. They have their main restaurant in downtown Minneapolis and I have eaten there as well.

Great Way To Relax Before A Plane Ride

Ike's has a retro look that tries to capture the ambience of the 50's and 60's. There is a story behind that, about a man named Ike who was never able to fulfill his dream of opening a restaurant and a son who did.

The food here is very good, although I have no idea what the Mysterious Chinese Woman ordered.

A Mystery Meal For The Mysterious One

Me, I came in for the steak, and they have a great one here at a reasonable, given the size and quality of the steak, price.

Now This Is A Piece Of Meat

Okay, and now for the coincidence part of it. I was chatting with our waitress, Karina. Somehow we started talking about where I had been in Minnesota and I mentioned International Falls, because that was where I spent most of my time. It turned out that she is from there. Now that is a small world because International Falls has a population of only a few thousand. When I told her I stayed with my friends Bruce and Donna she asked me if it was the Bruce who lived on Dove Island. When I said he was she said that her father had just gone golfing with Bruce the day before. Now that is a coincidence, is it not.

Karina, It Is A Small World, Indeed

If you ever have the opportunity to spend a little time in the Minneapolis Airport, Terminal One, you could do worse than to stop into Ike's. Even if it is only for a drink, because they have a mighty nice bar and it is a great place to have an well-made Martini or any other classic cocktail. They even have those Grassphoppers and Brandy Alexanders for an after dinner drink. Man, I used to love those back in the day.


Splunge said...

Welcome back. Very sad to hear about Gaid. I will force myself to continue to frequent the Waterfront, though. ;-)

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